Around Town – December 4

Dec 4

Orchids to

• the local Chick-fil-A for the best catered food at a recent wedding reception.

• Whipkers and the two ladies who helped me when I fell, along with Karla Ruch, Phyllis Apple, Denise Gressel, Karen Sollenberger, Tom Dowd, Pastor Teike, Sandy Mitchell, George DeLay, Shelli Carothers and Scott Krueger for their assistance with my ankle.

• Spikey at Dollar Tree for his pleasant smile and his help in reaching for out-of-reach items on the top shelf and for locating the jars of peanuts I couldn’t find.

• the young man who purchased dinner for Summer and Barbara on Saturday afternoon at China Buffet.

• all the farmers who take their excess eggs to the food pantries and food banks where they are much needed.

• my mail carriers and Connie Schaefer and Tim Schaefer for the lovely Christmas card.

• Columbus Regional Hospital Tower 7 for all the hard work you do to get people well and on their feet, from the Rogers.

• Bible Church for the wonderful living nativity scene.

Happy Birthday to

• Johnny Fife, from your family and Donna.

• Betty Whittington, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Aunt Abby Yount, from Sophia, Journey, Gavin, Annie, Nova and Payton.

• Jordan Turner, from your family.

• Lucky Turner, with love from Jennifer, Joe and Josh.

• Jordy Turner, with love from Jillian, Lily, Jackson, Josie, Jayde, Bella, Mason, Jarrett and Halle.