Around Town – December 8

Orchids to …

• Julie and Jill Franke for stepping in and taking awesome care of our mom and dad (their aunt and uncle), during a recent terrible auto accident, from Mikie and Dougie.

• Brenda and Josh Hotopp, Ross Elsner, Sawyer, Tina and Sydney Greene and Sara Guthrie for staying late to help with Angels of Love, from the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center.

• Mayor Lienhoop, Mrs. Lienhoop and the Columbus Police Department for the pizza lunch, gifts and tour of the mayor’s office and Columbus Police Department, from Columbus Signature Academy — Lincoln students Willow, Graham and Sophia.

• Sixth Street General Baptist Church for an awesome sermon Wednesday night and to the Rev. Kenneth Lee for being an awesome messenger.

• B&B Plumbing for replacing our well pump because the water pressure now is awesome, from the folks in River Grove.

• the Ballards on Central Avenue for their pretty Christmas decoration.

• Suzie and Ashley at Norman Funeral Home in Hope for the wonderful holiday memorial open house and ornaments I received, from Norma Jean Hitchcock.

• the person or persons who returned my purse that I lost on County Road 450S, because I’m very thankful.

• the fourth-grade classes at Parkside for being such good art- smart listeners, from Mrs. Gilbert.

Onions to …

• those who want to light the People Trail that borders my yard and adds to light pollution.

• teachers who don’t update grades in PowerSchool, but expect students and parents to check several sites daily for homework and grades.

• those who pushed an entire generation to attend college and accumulate a massive amount of debt to obtain jobs that don’t exist.

• those who decry the political correctness of the left, but are upset when that same political correctness is not shown for the flag and country.

• people who call in Orchids about themselves and mention their own names to get attention.

• those who lie about the new tax package.

• to staff members who at check-in do not inform patients that appointments are running more than an hour late.

• nosy sisters-in-law who have to have their noses in families’ business at all times.

Happy Birthday to …

• Chris McCord, from your family and Donna.

• Mark Sprague, from your family and Donna.

• Jim Ponsler, from your family and Donna.

• Salina Chadd and Mike Hadley, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Christina McCord, from family and friends.

• Dale Burris, from Patty, Wayne, Sarah, Ronnie, Paige, Matt, Lisa, Katie, Ethan and Mom.

• Zoe Curd, from Grandma Jean, Grandma Joanne, mom and dad, grandma Kim and grandpa Mark and Tommy.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Don Olkiewicz, on our 60th, from your wife, Babs.

• Keith and Rose Bode, from Bob and Jeri.