Around Town – December 12

Orchids to…

Kristen Brown for her letter to the editor Sunday and for continuing to be a voice of reason for otherwise voiceless taxpayers.

Kristen Brown for your letter to the editor about high tax-and-spend city and county officials, who will be remembered next election.

Tri-State Artisans and the Columbus Area Visitors Center for their continued support and display of local and Indiana artists within the Arts District of the Columbus downtown area.

Peters Heating & Air Conditioning for the great service installing a new furnace after ours went out and to the installer for the callback to see how the new furnace was working, from Louie and Karen.

to Columbus Parks and Recreation, a forward-thinking agency, and especially parks director Mark Jones for presenting the master plan to the public Thursday.

Ogilville Christian Church for an excellent seniors dinner and program Saturday.

Taylor at CVS for helping me with my Christmas photo cards, from a satisfied customer.

the Texas Roadhouse staff, who safely kept my billfold until I could pick it up.

No. 184, for the cup of coffee, from Sande.

Dr. Pletcher and his staff and all RNs for Room 420, thanks all for doing such a wonderful job, from Randall.

Onions to…

anyone who thinks a student won’t lie on a questionnaire about his or her drug use.

people who do not realize that a much-needed drug rehabilitation hospital will save many lives, reduce instances of overdoses and instill knowledge to our youth, and keep them out of costly prisons.

those who do not think drug education should take place in schools.

people who try to hold the past accountable to today’s values, because doing so is not going to end well.

pet owners who think it’s OK to keep their dogs in crates almost all day and night.

people who don’t realize that rallying against white supremacists is no different than them rallying against other groups of people.

people who suddenly think it’s stylish to be a victim 40 years later.

the former elected official for the repetitive rhetoric that nobody cares about.

whoever dropped the little gray kitten here that I had to take out to the country and turn loose.

the person who thinks that this community is totally “unjustified, unreasonable.”

Happy Birthday to…

Larimie Burton.

Mavis Burton.

Kim Gault Goldsmith.

Constance Schafer, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Les Burton, from your family.

Braelynn Browning on No. 6 from Mom, Jared, Nolan, Pa, Meme, Katie, Tommi, Lily and Grandma.

David Harum, from Vick and June.

Haley Cooper, from friends at the Moravian Church.

Eve Esch, from friends at the Moravian Church.

Spencer Reinle, from friends at the Moravian Church.

Taylor Ross.

Kayderlee Crouch.

Abby Rose Ashbrook.

Danielle Sneed.

Samantha Gosney.

Nicole Tedder Miller.

Kimberlee Carter.