Around Town – December 14

Orchids to …

• L.C. Schmitt Elementary School administrators, thank you for the hour lunch to eat with our teams, from grateful teachers.

• Mrs. Gaff for the awesome lesson about polygons and Ozobots, from Hope Elmentary third-grade teachers and students.

• John Kussman for his donation of trees and landscaping to Columbus Elks Lodge No. 521.

• Columbus Optical for going above and beyond for customer service.

• Blackerby’s Hangar 5 for the donated ham, from the Lincoln-Central neighborhood meeting.

• Alabama for choosing country over party, from a Democrat who had nearly lost all faith in the Republican Party.

• the lady who works at Needler’s Fresh Market for making the beautiful Christmas baskets.

• the female employee at Jay C Foods who is always so helpful.

• the coach that is smart enough to know when it’s time to change the lineup.

• Jimi and Sarah for the awesome Christmas lights.

• Exit 76 Antique Mall for participating in the annual Marine Corps Toys for Tots collection for Kids Choice.

• Janet Tedder, for the delicious cheese ball and candy, from Vicki Robertson.

• the Bartholomew County Public Library for the wonderful craft night program.

• the carrier for putting my newspaper outside my garage door.

• the wonderful employee at Fisher’s Flower Basket for getting me the bouquet of flowers last Friday, which made my day, from Sheilla Allen.

• Connie and Marsha at Connie and Steve’s Auto Repair, for fixing my car and working with me, from Tara T.

• Columbus East boys basketball teams send prayers to Coach and Mrs. Chitty on the passing of their mother.

Onions to …

• the former elected official droning on with the same tired ideas voters overwhelmingly rejected.

• the local basketball coach who yells at players trying to lead the team by calling them out for having a bad attitude and causing turnovers.

• the person who posted the Onion about heartlessly turning a gray kitten loose in the country instead of taking it to the humane society.

• those who don’t consider drug addicts criminals and think they should be coddled in a treatment facility when they will just use that as a “get out of jail free card” to continue their poor life choices.

• the person who made junior high car riders leave the warmth of school to stand in cold air while waiting to be picked up on the block-long car line circling the building

• people who think former elected officials should no longer take an interest or be involved in local government.

• the man in the black truck Wednesday morning who got out of his truck to instruct people how to go through the drive-thru line when he was the only one doing it wrong.

• federal officials for the meager increase in Social Security payments; I got a raise of $2 and my husband got a raise of $1.

• the activist group that claims to be against hate groups while actively promoting hate toward groups they don’t agree with.

• those who do not know that opiate addiction must be treated with long-term care; short-term care is a waste of money.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sandra Burton.

• Toshia Burton.

• Dallas Smith.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Jim Temple from the DeLays and Donna on Dec. 12.

• Sue Burton from your family and Donna on Dec. 12.

• Floyd Fisher from your family and Donna on Dec. 13.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Max Perdue, happy 33 years, from Janet.