Around Town – December 15

Orchids to …

• the Tipton Park Dentistry staff for being friendly and thorough.

• people who support breastfeeding moms, and moms who take the time and dedication to nurse their babies when they need to be nursed.

• moms for helping normalize breastfeeding by feeding their babies when they are hungry, which does happen in public sometimes.

• people with the courage to put their names on letters to the editor and withstand name-calling and personal attacks from others who submit anonymous Onions.

• those who realize that tax reform is just tax cuts designed to benefit the rich, not the average Joe.

• my mom, Jan Moss for another year of your delicious candy.

• the house on Central Avenue that has wooden hounddog statues that are always nicely decorated.

• the five women who graciously paid for our lunch Wednesday at Cracker Barrel.

• Duke Energy for having our power back on so quickly Wednesday evening in Taylorsville.

• the young Target employee for finding my purse and holding onto it for me.

• the woman in the van who brought hot chocolate to the crossing guards at Richards Elementary School.

• CVS pharmacy employees who are always kind, friendly and helpful, from Ronnie and Sheila Allen.

• the driver of the recycle truck on Martha Court who chased a piece of paper down so it didn’t blow in the neighborhood.

Onions to …

• people who think that by opposing hate groups you become a hate group.

• the person who thinks that breastfeeding in public is not right.

• former public servants who continue to ignore the significant achievements of the current administration.

• people who are against certain groups and declare them not welcome in Columbus.

• my brother for damaging my new car.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sheila Simpson.

• Judy Wheatley from Sandy and Lily.

• Eryn Mitchell, with love from Brady, Wyatt, Travis, Mom and Dad.

• Nancy Gilliland, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kennedy Nading.

• Sam Freeman.

• Tracy Fugate.

• Sam Fugate.

• Judy Wheatley from an old friend.

• Belated Happy Birthday to…

• Susan Kloss, from friends at the Moravian Church.