Court news – December 17

This is a report of cases filed in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Jamie S. Branum, River Grove Drive; Eric G. Bridgewater, Dawson Street; Dawn Combs, Two Mile House Road; Timothy Dill, Clifty Drive; Beth A. Dunn, Sycamore Street; Dayz Hall, South Heights Court; Carl A. Jones, South Artesian Drive; Brendan A. Larrison, Chaucer Drive; Samuel Scott Littiken, W. County Road 450S; April N. McFarland, Hope; and Holly M. Meek, East County Road 800S.

Joli Rentals vs. Terri Jones, Dellasburg Road.

The Rocker Group LLC vs. Damian Ward and Ashley Gess, Chestnut Street.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Cory Lazzell and Cassandra Sullivan, 28th Street; and Michael Ramer, Village Drive.

Scott Strietelmeier, 25th Street, vs. David Hickman, Lafayette Avenue.

Shadowcreek Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Clovis D. Zocchio, Indianapolis.

Grayson Management vs. Ashley Corbin, Lafayette Avenue.

Homestead Mobile Home Park vs. Ralph Stillabower, Chillicothe, Ohio.

Briarwood Apartments of Columbus vs. Joseph Albertson, Rosebud Drive.

Sharon Groves, vs. DeAndrea Dawson, Clifty Drive.

TLC Properties of Columbus LLC vs. Ashley Vance and Duane Edwards, 10th Street.

Lincoln Village Co-op vs. Barbara Darlage, South Lincoln Village Drive.

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. vs. Cheri Smith, Hope; Patricia Land, Hope; Christie Finley, North Marr Road; Brian Heslop, Hartsville; Melissa Craig, Hope; Robin Neal, Hope; Gietz Bellow, Hope; and Stephen Waycott, Hope.

Mariner Finance LLC vs. Cleo Stephens, Shawnee Drive.

The Villas Apartments vs. Larry Bergeron, Waycross Drive.

Jamey Reed vs. Shawn Scheible and Carrie England, Orinoco Avenue.

Bruce A. Trotter vs. Aubrey S. Hardin and Raymond D. Sanchez, 24th Street.

Quail Run Apartments vs. William Lane, Kevin Drive.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Clint A. Becraft, East St. Joe Court.

Paul Bixler vs. Brandy Russell, Willa Way.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Samantha J. Wohlfrom, Dillsboro.

Tom and Lindsey Hooker vs. Kaila Supernovich, Sycamore Street.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. David Baker, Edinburgh; Kristy L. Burton, Longshore Drive; Damon Duncan, West Deaver Road; Sandra Hernandez-Garcia, North County Road 150W; Kyla R. Jones, Artesian Drive; Michael Butler, Shannon Court; and Bruce A. McCarty, Hope.

IMC Credit Services LLC vs. Susan E. Riddle, West County Road 265N.

Ernie Stone vs. Dwayne and Samantha Ferguson, Hope.

Grayson Management vs. Amanda Davidson, Zachariah Johnson and Tim Goldsmith, Hope; and David and Robin Jones, Seventh Street.

Columbus Power Elite All Stars vs. Benjamin Beatty, Lafayette Avenue; Jason Tague, Madison; and Julia McKim, Gilmore Street.

Taylorsville Tire Inc. vs. Kristen Hyatt, California Street.

Paul Bixler vs. Philip Irwin and Tessa Harber, North County Road 400W.

Capital One Bank (USA) NA vs. Karen A. Wiley, East State Road 7.

Columbus Home Services vs. Adrien Hanksworth, Pearl Street.

Elkland Hills Estate vs. Pamela L. Akridge and Robert and Lacy Tharp, East County Road 265N.

Williamsburg Way Apartments vs. Matthew Hicks, Williamsburg Court.

Phil Buster, State Road 46W, vs. Sean Liebig, 25th Street.

Thompson Builders LLC vs. Global Builders, Orinoco Avenue.

IMC Credit Services LLC vs. Nicole L. and Nicholas Patty, South County Road 300W; Brent E. Perry, North Lincoln Village Drive; Jason R. and Tonya Petro, North Burbrink Drive; Jillian K. Riley, Sims Drive; Michelle A. Sanders, Bonnie Court; Patrick Schmidt, Clifford; and Ricky D. Stephens, Jonesville Road.

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Angela M. Bulthuis, North Cherry Street; Betty Kelly, North Cherry Street; Kendra Janes, Hope; and Brittany Turner, Hope.

IMC Credit Services LLC vs. Jason L. Wicker, McClure Road; Timmy Jay Poff, Marr Road; Crystal Shuffitt, Eighth Street; Cassie Shipley, Camelot Lane; Kathy A. Nowling, Columbus; Tonya J. Stepper, North Vernon; Rickie L. Ozbun, North Dellasburg Road; William M. Weekly, McKinley Avenue; Tessa Green, South Jonesville Road; Cynthia J. Orndorff, Lamplight Court; Dava J. Roth, Hanover; and Tommy W. Davis, Cottage Avenue.

IMC Credit Services LLC vs. Jerry R. Wicker, Austin; Morgan V. Ritchie, Butlerville; Xavier H. Tabor, North County Road 150W; Christopher R. Wagner, Bonesteel Drive; Donna L. Wallace, Union Street; Lyanna Turner, Hope; Teresa A. Tungate, North Vernon; Adele B. Thompson, South County Road 300W; and Jonathan D. Russell, North Vernon.

Gateway Apartments by TWG Management, vs. Colleen Blackwood, Phoenix Court; and Lisa Blodis, Phoenix Court.

IMC Credit Services LLC vs. Rishona M. Shelley, State Road 7E; Kirby G. Parris, Union Street; and Kimberly A. Newbold, North Hughes Street.

Rick and Ann Jackson, Two Worlds Drive, vs. William and Julie Woessner, Seventh Street.

IMC Credit Services LLC vs. Donna C. Neri, North Gladstone Avenue; Margaret L. Smith, Smith Street; Sharon L. Smith, Alan Drive; Paige L. Proctor, North Vernon; Gary M. Poindexter, West Southwind Court; and Kristi M. Roush, Nashville.

Statewide Credit Association vs. Jeremy Weaver, Marilyn Street; Wendy Kay Crider, Westport; Karen Quinlan, West Northgate Drive; Robert W. Price, South Lincoln Village Drive; Robert Redmon, Seventh Street; Christina M. Richardson, Elizabethtown; Christopher L. Short, Scipio; Janet L. Shultz, McCullough Lane; Matthew V. Short, Nashville; Cynthia D. Sallee, Scipio; Michelle A. Petro, North County Road 500E; and Kristy Mathess, Cottage Avenue.

Barcons Federal Credit Union vs. Ashlie Westbrook, Georgetown Road.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Rachael N. Lehnen, McClure Road; and Gary D. Giles, West Hillview Place.

Arbors at Waters Edge Apartments vs. Olisa Humes, North County Road 150W; Robert and Angie Bokelman, North County Road 150W; and Teddy and Melinda Charles, North County Road 150W.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Christopher F. Stillabower, West Georgetown Road.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Craig Smith, Union Street.

Housing Partnerships vs. Myra Minniefield, 18th Street.

American Rental vs. Jordan McCauley, Pearl Street.

American Rental vs. Thomas McFall, Vance Street; and Adrien Hawksworth, Pearl Street.

Equity Property Management vs. Kayla Marie Jarrett, South Countrybrook Court; Troy and Jennifer Haptonstall, South Countrybrook Court; and Morgan Bradley, Ruddick Avenue.

Marquitta Howe, Seventh Street, vs. Meagen Abbott, Chestnut Street.

Dw3 Aarons vs. Meagan Abbott, Chestnut Street; Allen Jones, Edinburgh; Melvin Collet, Jolene Drive; and Amanda Munoz, Taylorsville.