Letter: Leader wanted to build consensus for the middle

From: Emery Sheffield


Considering all the fallout with the Mueller investigation of the Trump administration and the recent exposing of unwanted deeds from our most high-elected officials, it seems we might want to have a new consensus.

Consider a gathering of people who are becoming not Republican or Democrat. Consider people who are disgusted with both parties. It is easy to see that we might have a huge amount of the electorate who are sympathetic to the cause of a new consensus.

If you discount the right-to-life people and the left-wing, government-should-do-it all-for you people, we should be able to have a consensus among aware people. I’m not wanting to denigrate the right-to-life people or the far left, but how do we form a consensus among such disparate people?

We need a leader. We need to be able to voice our opinions as rational adults and not worry about side issues. We have only our country to lose!

I hate to say it as such, but we need an American party. The party of Lincoln is now the party of the wealthy. The Democratic Party is maybe a bit reactive.

Who will be our American party leader? Who will take the reigns of the centrists and join us to wade through all the extraneous goop and become a leader for the middle?

Find me a good man or woman who wants to join our nation together and who wants to encompass the middle way, and we will have a man or woman who can join our nation together.