From: Larry Jackson


I think that those meeting to discuss the “Nazi invasion of Columbus” mean well, but we would all be better off if they would dial it back a bit. They are killing flies with a shotgun. What collateral damage to free speech might result?

Thanks for sharing your superior intellect with us, but please get off you soapbox, put down your bullhorn and stop yelling “the Nazis are coming, the Nazis are coming!”

The people of Columbus are not dumb and are not a bunch of gullible fools. They are not about to be influenced by a small group of despicable white supremacists spreading their hatred. Stop insulting our intelligence. Give us some credit; we know right from wrong.

You’ve been had! You have allowed a small band of neo-Nazi’s to play you like a vintage violin. All you are accomplishing is putting a Page 6 story on Page 1, which is exactly what they want. The word is out: If you are looking for free publicity for your cause, regardless of how absurd the cause may be, all you have to do is get the attention of Columbus enlightened liberals.

I just hope there is not a sinister motive. Is this a veiled attempt by Columbus’ liberal community to paint political conservatives as Nazi sympathizers if they choose not to jump on their ridiculous, politically-correct bandwagon? Could we be witnessing the birth of Columbus’ thought police?