Around Town – December 23

Editor’s note: The Republic will not publish Dec. 25. Birthdays and anniversaries for the 25th will publish on the 24th with a note indicating they are for the 25th, or will publish belatedly on the 26th. Birthdays, anniversaries, Orchids and Onions for the 26th should be submitted by noon Dec. 24.

Orchids to …

• to the Pedigos, for all the Christmas treats and Merry Christmas, from the staff of Centra Credit Union on National Road.

• Enkei for its overwhelming generosity of the Christmas gifts for our families from Centerstone in Columbus.

• Jace and Sam at the Columbus Best Buy Geek Squad for excellent customer service, from Nancy Scott and Lauren Wetterau.

• Dr. Thompson and surgical team, from the Perdues.

• Mary, Elsie and Melinda for their sweet thoughtfulness in sending the lovely arrangement for our family day.

• Larry P. for setting up a visit from Santa from the first-grade team at Smith Elementary School.

• Michele Knight for the awesome Zumba class, from the first graders at Smith Elementary School.

• Tammie at Menards, for exemplary customer service that saved our Christmas!

• to Toby, who very kindly cooked some barbecue pork for me as a gift while I’m in the hospital, from Caroline Souza.

• the angel that helped us get our power turned back on.

• Papa John’s for the pizzas, from the third shift Columbus Police Department officers, Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department officers and the Bartholomew County 911 dispatchers.

• to Azalia Elevator for its beautiful Christmas star.

• Denny and Bonnie Ayers for all their help and their friendship during 2017, from John Tinkey.

• The Republic for all it does to help people with Orchids, Onions, birthdays, anniversaries and belated wishes, from John Tinkey.

• Larry Jackson for his spot-on letter on the risks of a vociferous anti-hate group becoming a hate group.

• James at Weise Forklift on Marr Road for getting my truck crane repaired so quickly, from Randy.

• the couple who bought the meal for my son and daughter in Hope on Thursday afternoon, from an appreciative family.

• First Presbyterian Church for coming over Sunday night to sing for us at the armory.

• Carola, my daughter, for decorating my Christmas tree so beautifully, Margie Peach.

Onions to …

• those for no news on the major change on driver’s license renewal.

• people who cause problems yet think a business dumpster is for their personal use.

• the board for hiring someone to repair four drains and still doing nothing about Sloan Branch flooding the neighborhood of East Ridge Manor.

• those who think Columbus is a boring city.

• the person on Laramie Drive parking on a curb with a large four-wheel drive truck facing the wrong way on the street.

• the offices that seem to be determined to mess up the beautiful, lighted Christmas tree.

• those who have forgotten that the last administration added $8 trillion to the deficit — more than any other president.

• those for a tax plan that takes 35 percent of every taxpayer dollar in 2018 and gives it to foreign investors in 2019 to a tune of $48 billion.

• the group of people obsessed with some fantasy that there’s a hate group in town out to get everybody like an invasion of outer-space body snatchers.

• those for a tax plan that takes $1.5 trillion from millennials and younger Americans all for the benefit of the richest multinational corporations on the globe.

• anyone who thinks being against white supremacy is “elitist” or “liberal” when it’s a value every decent American shares.

• those that see opposition to neo-Nazis as a veiled attack on conservatives.

• those who don’t realize that it is an established fact that lowering taxes increases tax revenue and that has been proven by the fact it happens.

• those for a tax plan that is a payday loan for middle class taxpayers because tax cuts will be seen for six years, but after that the amount cut will be taken back plus another half that amount.

• the person who jumped the truck tires on County Road 475E.

Happy Birthday to …

• Tanya Hawkins.

• Mark Tauer.

• Jenni Helton.

• Kacie Garrison Luederman.

• Kari Garrison Foster.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Steve and Joyce Garrison, from friends at the Moravian Church.

ANOTHER beautiful morning