Athletes of the Week – December 28


Matthew Frost
Matthew Frost

Matthew Frost, Columbus East junior basketball player.

Frost scored 22 points and grabbed seven rebounds to help the Olympians to a 55-41 win at Rushville.

His performance last week: “It was one of my best performances this year so far. I really shot the ball very well and driving inside, that was a lot better too.”

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Do you do anything special to prepare? “I really just like to talk to my teammates and listen to some music to just get focused.”

Favorite drink: “Vitamin Water”

Favorite food: “Steak”

Favorite book: “Bible”

Favorite class: “Calculus”

Role model: “My dad (Rob Frost).”

Best advice: “Have fun while you’re playing basketball because it’s going to be over sometime, depending on how far you go with college and stuff. Whenever you’re doing it just have fun and play your heart out every game.”

Athletics goal: “Just to be the best that I can be here at East and in the future.”

If you could travel anywhere: “Probably Europe because there are a lot of places to see there. It’s really cool.”


Annie Anderson
Annie Anderson

Annie Anderson, Columbus North sophomore basketball player

Anderson scored a career-high 16 points to lead the Bull Dogs to a 48-35 win at Terre Haute North. She also had eight points in a 65-23 win against Indianapolis Attucks.

Her performance last week: “I thought I played well and brought a lot of intensity and played confidently.”

Do you do anything special to prepare? “I like to talk to my parents. They get me calmed down for the game, and my coach, Pat (McKee), is always able to get me focused, which is good.”

Favorite drink: “Dr. Pepper”

Favorite food: “Cheesecake”

Favorite book: “The Twilight Series”

Favorite class: “Math”

Role model: “My sister Sydney”

Best advice: “Keep my head up and always play hard, and never back down from a challenge.”

Athletics goal: “To improve every year in my sports (basketball and golf) and hopefully be able to play in college.”

If you could travel anywhere: “Bora Bora, because the water is beautiful, and I would really like to go there someday.”