The recent decision by the Bartholomew County Election Board to use the same 18 voting center locations as in last year’s presidential election for the upcoming 2018 midterm contests is welcome news.

The Election Board approved voting centers in 2014, and they were used for the 2015 city elections and the county elections in 2016 during the presidential-year election.

By all accounts the centers have worked well and as intended. They have provided convenience and easy access, allowing voters to choose from among 18 sites instead of being restricted to one specific precinct on Election Day.

Being limited to one precinct previously sometimes made voting a challenge depending on someone’s schedule on Election Day. Now, voters can choose the nearest option during the most convenient part of their day.

Keeping the same sites — for now — is a good idea because it helps establish familiarity for voters for whom voting centers are still a relatively new concept.

County Clerk Jay Phelps said he expected voting center locations would be re-examined after the 2020 presidential election. Waiting until then would have allowed enough time to identify any recurring issues that need to be addressed, such as switching a voting center site because of light turnout.

Voting centers have been a positive change for the voting experience in Bartholomew County. We’re glad to see the commitment to the centers continue.

Voting center locations

1. Flintwood Wesleyan Church, 5300 25th St., Columbus

2. St. John’s Masonic Lodge, 4131 Rocky Ford Road, Columbus

3. Grace Lutheran Church, 3201 Central Ave., Columbus

4. Healing Waters Church, 2330 Midway St., Columbus

5. Donner Center, 739 22nd St., Columbus

6. East Columbus Fire Station, 935 Repp Drive, Columbus

7. The Commons, 300 Washington St., Columbus

8. MainSource Bank, 2310 W. Jonathan Moore Pike, Columbus

9. Terrace Lake Church, 4260 W. County Road 200S, Columbus

10. Faith Lutheran Church, 6000 W. State Road 46, Columbus

11. REMC building, 1697 W. Deaver Road, Columbus

12. Elizabethtown Fire Station, 10203 E. Legal Tender Road, Elizabethtown

13. Shiloh Baptist Church, 11988 E. State Road 46, Columbus

14. Hope Moravian Church, 202 Main St., Hope

15. Clifford Fire Station, 7850 N. Depot St., Clifford

16. German Township Fire Station, 9428 Main St., Taylorsville

17. Southwest Fire Station, 8500 S. State Road 58, Columbus

18. White Creek Lutheran Church, 16270 S. County Road 300W, Columbus