COLUMBUS, Ind. — Gas leaking from a burner left on overnight at a local bar prompted the temporary closure of the downtown area this morning, and the county’s emergency alert system to advise residents to stay away.

Columbus Fire Department received a call at 8:32 a.m. about a gas odor, said Capt. Mike Wilson, spokesman for the department, and the first fire truck arrived six minutes later at Columbus Bar, 322 Fourth St., which is owned by Powerhouse Brewing Co.

The concentration of gas was so high that no chance of an explosion existed, Wilson said.

The situation was resolved by 10:22, allowing residents to resume normal activities downtown, he added.

Cory Barker, manager of Columbus Bar, said everything is fine now and the establishment would be open today at about 11:45 — about 45 minutes later than usual on a Saturday.

This morning residents had been advised by the Columbus Fire Department to avoid the city’s downtown area, which was closed off, because of what was described as an ongoing major incident, according to a message sent by the county’s area alert system.

Vectren is now contacting local downtown businesses that use pilot lights for their heating systems to make sure they are working properly, Wilson said.

Please read Sunday’s edition of The Republic for more details.