Court news – January 7

Small Claims filed

Equity Property Management vs. Morgan Bradley, Ruddick Avenue; Troy and Jennifer Haptonstall, South Country Brook Court; and Kayla Marie Jarrett, South Country Brook Court.

Joli Rentals vs. Brittney Kerr and Samuel Bingham, Taylorsville.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. David Christian, North County Road 150W; Melvin Colletandujar, Continental Drive; Melissa D. Hayes, North Gladstone Avenue; David F. Ikerd, Indianapolis; Tracey A. Thompson, East Karlsway Drive; Cindy I. Adorno, Tyler Drive; Dale Alexander IV, North County Road 200W; Jennifer L. Anderson, Lawton Avenue; Luis F. Arreloa, Bayberry Drive; and Amy M. Baylor, Larkspur Lane.

Arbors at Water’s Edge vs. Kylei Thompson, North County Road 150W; Teddy and Melinda Charles, North County Road 150W; and Jessica Tunny, North County Road 150W.

LVNV Funding vs. Shelby Wente, State Road 58 South; and Kelly Lunsford, North County Road 150W.

Cach LLC vs. Cale Romine, East Base Road.

Evergreen Apartments LLC vs. Angela Wilson, North Marr Road; and Amy Olson and Gary L. Acton Jr., Sims Court.

East Lake Woods vs. Brittany Stevenson, Thicket Court.

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Debra Bennett, Center Street.

American Rental vs. Joey Manns, Jewell Street; Paula Sweet, West Jonathan Moore Pike; Kaitlyn Brown and Elise Byrom, Sims Court; and Tracy Gardner, Williamsburg Way.

Mark and Charlene Stevens vs. Charlee Rich, 20th Street.

Capital One Bank (USA) vs. Bethany A. Leffler, Hope.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Nicole L. Brown, Hope; Tyasha Brown, North Marr Road; Brian Burchfield, Chestnut Street; Vivian J. Burton, Silkwood Drive; Ericka Easterling, Anthony Drive; and Steven A. Dudley, Cottage Avenue.

Eddie Shultz Jr., Coovert Street, vs. Stacia Fordice, Billy Gearholdt, Jennifer Hickmott and Terry Hickmott, Coovert Street.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Susan Wooten, Nicholas Lane.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Jaime N. Gilbert, East Fountain Way; Donald E. Goodwin, Coovert Street; Nancy Y. Guevara, Lakecrest Drive; Jennifer Hadley, Hope; Sean M. Howard, Family Drive; Rebecca E. Land, Wrenwood Drive; Tabitha Miller, West Robbie Street; Roger V. VanGorden, East County Road 800N; Sarah M. Treesh, Washington Street; Holly R. Elliott, Dupont; Stanley G. Henry, North County Road 500W; Jennifer L. Kelso, Farmstead Drive; Brandy J. Konradi, Hartsville; Courtney S. Marcum, North County Road 150W; Angela D. Morrison, Shady Lane; Jacqueline N. Stark, Cottage Avenue; and Margaret C. Stewart, East Orchard Road.

Gateway Apartments, by managing agent TWG Management, vs. Elizabeth and Keaton Olmstead, Phoenix Court.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Katelyn Barton, Greenway Court; Whitney Hartwell, Lafayette Avenue; Clint Becraft, East St. Joe Court; Danielle A. Fedor, Peregrine Drive; Angel Salas, Parkview Drive; Carolyn Huber, Lockerbie Drive; Juanita Austerman, Streamside Drive; and Kimberly Truitt, Jordan Drive.

Second Round LP vs. Donald Collins Jr., East Hillcrest Road.

Capital One Bank (USA) vs. Daphnie E. Taylor, Country Brook Street; and Ronald D. Schultz, Seventh Street.

The Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio No. 15 vs. David E. Moore, no address available.

Raymond Elifritz, Chestnut Street, vs. Tina Smith, Chestnut Street.

Capital One Bank (USA) vs. Clint A. Becraft, East St. Joe Court; Mark A. Williams, Buckingham Drive; Ronald P. Bulthuis II, North Cherry Street; and Whitney R. Law, Thresher Drive.

Evergreen Apartments vs. Richard Sanford, Sims Court.

Dw3 Aarons vs. Austin Nicholson, State Road 46 West; Crystal R. Purdy, Coovert Street; and Yolanda M. McCracken, Waldron.

H Squared vs. Robert M. Shoup, Franklin Street.

Kay-Jay Properties LLC vs. Summer Jones, Seventh Street.

Capital One Bank (USA) vs. Andrew T. Tibbs, 28th Street.