Supporting literacy

Reading is a foundational skill, and impacts a person’s ability to learn and get an education. Unfortunately, students sometimes lack the resources they need to increase their literacy level.

Thankfully, 100 Central Middle School eighth-grade students recently provided assistance. They raised $1,660 by contacting local businesses and provided 400 books to eight local organizations – including Advocates for Children, Horizon House, Love Chapel and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services. The agencies in turn provide the books to the families of children. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade were targeted.

This was a great idea by the students, who are to be commended for aiding the long-term benefit of literacy.

Kind gesture

There’s nothing like an act of kindness that puts a smile on a person’s face — especially a child’s. That’s what some Maryland residents did to 3-year-old Landree Londeree, of Columbus.

Before winter break, Landree’s preschool class in Greensburg sent balloons with attached Christmas wishes skyward. Hers included a wish for pencils, markers and puzzles for her class. Amazingly, the balloon traveled nearly 700 miles to Woolford, Maryland, and was found by some residents. Even more amazing, the anonymous residents sent a package to her school fulfilling the girl’s wish.

The kindness and generosity of people never ceases to amaze. They have the power to brighten a person’s day and lift their spirits, and speak to our best qualities.

Motivated to help

Some residents who receive assistance from a local food pantry should be glad that one young girl doesn’t kid around when she sets her mind to helping others.

Kyria Rodriguez, 9, of Hope, a fourth-grader at St. Peter’s Lutheran School in Columbus, collected 1,110 cans of food — the top mark — in the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department’s Pack-a-Patrol Car contest. The canned goods were donated to the Love Chapel food pantry to help families in need. As a reward, Rodriguez recently spent a day with Sheriff Matt Myers and was the honorary sheriff for a day.

Rodriguez’s effort was remarkable, and a great example that a willingness to help others knows no age limitations.