Good morning Columbus. What you need to know today: Fierce Columbus women, a feisty cat, city landlord registry passes first hurdle, how to fight racism

Good morning Columbus:

Today’s one of those news days in Columbus when topics run the entire gamut — from fun to serious to thought-providing to inspirational.

We’ll start with the inspirational (because don’t we all need that) and four fierce Columbus-area women — Tsung-Min (Christina) Huang, Alyssa Singh, Maddison McElroy and Amanda Hummer.

She magazine cover January 2018

Huang was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and found her way to America at age 19. She’s in Columbus now and has this advice about getting out of your comfort zone:.

“Don’t give up,” she says. “A lot of things come with time. When you’re learning a different language, a life-style or culture, it’s just like learning something you’re familiar with – like a music instrument — it takes time and practice,” Huang says.

Singh took a big leap of faith and said so long to her corporate job just two days after returning from a trip to Uganda. She’s now creating business opportunities for Ugandan women.

“This huge change that you are about to make, maybe you will love it and be hugely successful with it and stick with it until you retire,” Singh says. “Or maybe it will open the door to something else, something better.

McElroy has transformed her body and her mind. She knocked off 70 pounds but found she still was not happy.

“I wasn’t happy even though I lost all that weight, so I was like what do I want to do? What do I need to do to be happy? I was very chained to a very strict eating regimen. I had to eat very specifically to stay at that weight,” McElroy says.

Hummer has had setback after setback — alcoholism, eating disorder, job loss, depression. But this Columbus resident has bounced back in ways that are examples for all.

“Know that if you haven’t made your change yet, you’re getting ready to be ready. When you absolutely cannot hold yourself back, and the energy is so aligned, and you’re ready to just dive off the edge into the unknown, then that’s your time. In the meantime, practicing an immense amount of self-forgiveness and compassion is so important,” Hummer says.

Now that’s awesome. Read their stories in She magazine. Click here.

Here’s what else you need to know  —

Columbus on its way to a landlord registry.
We’ll be posting this story soon: A good-sized crowd was at city hall Tuesday night, and The Columbus City Council voted 6-1 on first reading to approve the proposed landlord registry, which was opposed by the Bartholomew County Landlord Association and the Crossroads Association Board of Realtors. A final vote comes in February. Read our previous story outlining all the different angles of the issue here.

A good deed.
This story is inspirational too. A post by David Steele to our Facebook page said he was not surprised that Columbus Police Officer Frank Dickman came to the aid of a family in need. Here’s the post —

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Anyone who has ever met Officer Dickman knows what an outstanding Police Officer and a amazing person he is! Other Police Officers would do well to follow his lead.

Read the story here.

How to fight racism.
“What are some steps people can take right now to improve racial equality?” That was one of the questions posted at a Martin Luther Jr. Day event in Columbus this week. Here are some answers: Link here.

Greenfield hospital paid bitcoin ransom.
So how much did they pay? And did the hackers release the files? Story here.

Happy birthday, Columbus Soccer Express.
Forty is the new 20. “To be in an area where we are, and to have that type of mix culturally within the group, it’s been pretty cool to see and to work with,” said club director of coaching Ty Smith. “Kids that come from Spain, or kids from Argentina or Mexico, American kids or kids that grew up around the Japanese side of things, to have that in our town for a local club is pretty cool.” The club is planning a  “Remembering Our Roots” celebration. All the details here.

Delilah the cat took a 240-mile road trip in the engine compartment of an SUV from Frazeysburg, Ohio to Columbus on Feb. 29. She was found in the SUV's engine on Saturday, surviving a week of subzero windchills before being coaxed out of the vehicle's undercarriage by Columbus Animal Control.

Speaking of fierceness …
Animals lovers, have we got a story for you. It’s about a feisty feline named Delilah, who hitched a ride in an SUV engine compartment from one Columbus to another Columbus.

Have a great day. Send us your story ideas.

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