Around Town – January 18

Orchids to …

• the lady in the red SUV who helped me dig my car out from the snow at 17th and Union.

• Brett Kimberlin for taking his day off and coming out in the cold to get my paper and clean off my sidewalk, and for being such a nice person.

• Nina and Nadine for the kind assistance with my purchases from Carson’s, from a customer.

• Advantage Heating and Air, especially Derick, for the prompt, efficient, courteous service over the cold weekend when heat was in desperate need.

• our good neighbors, the Shoop Family, for keeping our driveway and walks shoveled.

• Officer Frank Dickman for his compassion and doing a wonderful thing.

• the two gentlemen who took time from their families to help me and my son this Saturday at Mill Race Park when I fell down by keeping me calm, staying with my son and calling for help.

• our community emergency responders for choosing to be there for us.

• Mr. Crum at McDowell Education Center for helping me at Bright Beginnings Daycare with my two great-grandsons on Tuesday.

• Mr. Fudge, for the very well-stated letter of personal responsibility.

• my neighbor’s daughter for clearing our driveway of snow in McCullough’s Run.

• Gary Wheeler for grading the neighbors’ driveways.

• the snow angel for shoveling our walkway and around our vehicles, from Tom and Judy Goddard.

• Julie Greene, for always keeping the driveway and dog path shoveled and clear, from Dad and Mom.

• Brett and Lisa Shafer and their family for shoveling our sidewalk on the corner of Waycross and Hiker Trace, from Bob Condon.

• Greg and Betsy Hundley for clearing our drive and bringing food during our sickness, from Scott and Yvonne.

• Real World Testing for sponsoring Sadie and Jordon in the national USATF Cross Country meet in Tallahassee, Florida.

• Caulvette Kenney for driving many miles to return a letter that had gotten placed in the wrong mailbox.

• Mark and Theresa for clearing my driveway Saturday and Monday and for taking me to lunch and to Kroger for my prescriptions.

• Greensburg YMCA for an awesome staff that was kind and a lot of fun to deal with.

• Doug Thompson for the great job he does in keeping our streets cleared of snow.

• Brett and the Hughes children for shoveling our sidewalk on Hiker’s Trace, from Bob.

• the delivery person who had to get out of her car to put our paper in our box because of the snow.

• all the individuals who attended the panel “Are Public Schools in Peril?”

• BCSC for planning on building a new soccer facility, as they’ve never owned a soccer facility in this area.

• Jess Cheek for clearing our driveway and clearing a path to the mailboxes, from your grateful neighbors.

• David Darnall for his excellent letter to the editor in the paper on Wednesday.

Onions to …

• property owners who do not clean their sidewalks.

• the city’s street department for shoveling 6-to-12-inch high snow piles in front of our driveways and mailboxes, making it difficult for the mail carrier to get to our boxes and difficult to get into our drive.

• people who do not think landlords should have to register their properties or “business units” like other businesses are required to do.

• disrespectful residents who believe northern Bartholomew County roads are their personal dumpsites, leaving TVs, carpet padding, used tires and other refuse along the roads.

• people who don’t understand if you want respect and to be taken seriously, you need to dress accordingly.

• the city for street snow removal on Harrison Ridge Road, Tipton Lakes, which have bad condition three days after snow.

• to Columbus city residents who disobey the laws, because someone will call.

• the human resources department that is chasing off a lot of good employees.

• whoever decided the People Trails get scraped while city sidewalks stay mounted with snow.

• people who won’t leave our president alone so he can be our president.

Happy Birthday to …

• Russell Brown, from your friends and Bethel Baptist Church.

• Roy Anderson, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Cathleen Lampton, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Steve Allamanno, from your family, Jeanette, Teresa, Aaron and Donna.

• Mary Beth Wert, from your family, Billie, Karen, Lori, Chris and Donna.

• Glenda Tays, from your family and Donna.

• Barbara Whipker, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Thelma Kissling.

• Connie Jessee.

• Jess Erdman, from Gar Adams.

• Kylin Rae Eckelman on her fifth birthday, from her Memaw.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lee Johnson-Bey from Carol.

• Dwight David Shehan from Mom and family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bob and Charlotte Condon on No. 60 from Debbie, Scott, Doug, Diane Donna and Cindy and all your family.