Around Town – January 20

Orchids to …

• the good Samaritan who caught and took our dogs, Martha and Pearl, to animal control so they would be safe, from the Brummetts.

• Greg Ross and all those involved in my rescue Jan. 17 from the river along County Road 325W, words cannot express my appreciation.

• Angie in the Bob Poynter service department for consistently providing excellent customer service.

• Jennings Church of Christ for hosting the South Central Indiana Christian Men’s Fellowship and for the delicious chili supper.

• Tom and Pam for a most enjoyable evening at dinner and the Cabaret enjoying the entertaining Spencer Day.

• Exit 76 Antique Mall employees who took the time to look up my telephone number to return my driver’s license to me.

• Animal Care Services for locating the black cat wandering the department store parking lot.

Onions to …

• people who are so sensitive that they are offended by a school’s name for a fan theme day.

• those who believe it is insensitive to dress up as cowboys and Indians, with no malice intended.

• people who want to make a fuss about an innocent school pep- rally-type event.

• first-responders who continue to administer the narcotic-blocking naloxone to save an already wasted life and to those who insist they have a disease instead of calling it what it really is, irresponsibility.

• the local political party whose idea of having new candidates run for office is to have current and former elected officials run for a different office.

• state legislature for voting down cold beer sales in gas stations and convenient stores.

• the city for not cleaning off the new State Street sidewalk.

• people berating students for their planned cowboys and Indians school spirit event.

• the city of Columbus for masking the truth about the landlord issue, that it opens a door to future revenues which will negatively impact the community.

• the local water company that tells its users to start boiling water on Friday when they should have been boiling water since Wednesday night.

• school officials for agreeing to meet with social justice busybodies who should leave others alone.

• people who blame white moderates for their problems.

Happy Birthday to …

• Tom Lynch, from your friends and Bethel Baptist Church.

• Anne O’Neill, from your family, Casey and Donna.

• Melissa Barringer, from your family, Assemblies team, Sarah and Donna

• Charlie Tyree, from Grandma Hege.

• Heather Ellison.

• Sara Bozell.

• Lane Compton.

• Aubrey Ferguson.

• Becky Bevis, from Grandma Jean, Mark, and Kim.

• Janet Thompson, from Ceil and Bob Smith.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Tom Goddard on Jan. 19 from your wife, Judy.

• Beth Gifford on Jan. 19, from your Oregon family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dan and Melissa (Head) Baker on your one-year anniversary from your Daughters of Isabella sisters.

• Mike and Joyce Henderson, happy 50th anniversary, from Sharon, Caroline and Steve.