Around Town – January 23

Orchids to …

• Snow removal company for the great job, from Hope Veterinary Clinic.

• Columbus Salvation Army for an awesome potluck Sunday.

• Second Baptist Church for an awesome community feeding Saturday.

• Brandon Andress for executing the notion that Jesus would murder the people the church is commissioned to love.

• Brandon Andress for presenting a better way to handle conflict and improve the community.

• a local pastor for sparking conversation over the contrast between Jesus’ teachings and example of non-violence and modern Christian practices that implicitly support violence.

• Therese Copeland for making my husband’s birthday unforgettable at the Dueling Pianos event, from Carolyn.

• the person who submitted an Onion about people being so sensitive and offended by a school’s name for a school fan theme day.

• the Rev. John Armstrong for his article Saturday and for his Scripturally based articles every time.

• Grant for making the dean’s list at Trine University; Preston for making the Gold honor roll; Makayla for making the honor roll; Connor for making the Silver honor roll; and Caiden for being awesome, from Mamaw and Papaw Hensley.

• Pastor Armstrong for his insightful letter explaining biblical truths and Christian freedom.

• the city official who agreed that making the intersection at Terrace Lake Road and Goeller Boulevard a roundabout was a good idea.

Onions to …

• those who don’t realize that when piles of snow block a driveway, it may make it hard to get out.

• school administrators for allowing self-promoting speakers to hold court for an entire morning, wasting time and money.

• those expecting people to resign for speaking the truth.

• officials responsible for a property registration ordinance that opens the path for fee-based inspections, bigger government and less affordable housing.

• school administrators who allow non-experts to educate our high school students.

• those who make the laws allowing stores to sell chilled wine but not cold beer.

• whoever put an Onion in Thursday’s paper to property owners who do not clean their sidewalks, because some people are physically unable to shovel snow from a sidewalk.

• anyone who hasn’t noticed the foul smell or taste of the water on the south side of Columbus.

• school administrators who allow people who haven’t been background-checked to come in to instruct students.

• the residents of the subdivision who will not park their cars in their driveways, particularly along Clairmont Drive.

• those who think the shutdown was only the Democrats’ fault when 10 percent of the Republicans also voted that way.

• veteran educators on a panel complaining about low pay for new teachers when longtime teachers who are evaluated poorly make twice as much as highly effective new teachers.

• education panel that said there’s “no evidence that private schools receiving vouchers perform better than public schools” when local test scores prove the exact opposite.

• kids who wear inappropriate dresses to the winter formal and parents who think that’s OK.

• school officials complaining about a lack of funding when they get 19 out of every 20 tax dollars spent on K-12.

• anyone who believes that a person struggling with addiction will turn away from drugs and/or alcohol because the community that is supposed to support them turns away on them, when only the opposite will be the case.

• the business that has you work for cash for them, then doesn’t pay you.

• the elected officials who raised taxes and have filed to run for office again.

• big supporters of a social program as long it’s not in their neighborhood.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lawrence A. Fowler, from John Tinkey.

• Lawrence Fowler, from Elsie.

• R.A. Sexton, from Becky, Marika, Wyatt, Mari, Marble and Simone.

• John Vinson, from your family.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Richard Dale Siefker, on Jan. 21, from Lisa Brown.

• Alan Ashbrook.

• Abby Titus.

• Lindsay Carr.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Paul and Ruth Vail on No. 70, from Nancy, Dave, Steve and Karen.