Around Town – January 24

Orchids to …

• Jennings Church of Christ for hosting the South Central Indiana Christian Men’s Fellowship and for the delicious chili supper.

• fire department and EMT emergency response members, especially Chris, and hospital ER staff, especially Jasmine in CCU, for taking great care of me during my emergency event, from Ann Kinderman.

• Julia and the Columbus Rocks administrators for the positivity and continuing to share kindness.

• Tom Dell for opposing the proposed “puppy mill” on behalf of the city.

• the person that plowed the new sidewalk on Rocky Ford.

• the very kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and understanding staff in the IV Therapy department at Columbus Regional Hospital, from John Brooks

• Greg and Betsy for the wonderful Sunday brunch and afternoon visitation, from Grandma.

• Cheryl at the post office for delivering a package for me.

• President Donald Trump for easing up on his tweets for a few days while the government was shut down.

• Mrs. Baker for returning to Red Lobster to leave the waitress a tip.

• the family that made scarves for all of our employees on 5 Tower at Columbus Regional Hospital.

• all the individuals who realize that test scores do not create a valid comparison of students in their accomplishments, as you also need to evaluate other criteria.

• Katie Glick for her awesome article on eating around the table published in the magazine.

• Rhetta Glick for opposing the proposed “puppy mill.”

• Stacy, the sweet young woman who paid for my medication Thursday evening at Walmart.

• the people of Bartholomew County for standing up against the “puppy mill” and also to the BZA board members for voting in the best interest of the county.

Onions to …

• the person in the white pickup truck for taking a huge load of trash to the convenience drop-off site when that amount of trash should be taken directly to the landfill.

• parents who send their children to school with bad colds and sore throats just because they want perfect attendance, possibly infecting adults, especially senior citizens, during this terrible flu season.

• those who supported the proposed dog-breeding operation for 100 dogs when we already have enough unwanted dogs and don’t need more.

• the president, who is leading the country toward dictatorship.

• the facility that continues to let the elderly nurse work.

• the charge nurse who was very rude to the float staff and refused to assist with a very simple request.

• people who receive wedding, birthday and Christmas gifts and don’t have the courtesy to thank the person who gave it to them.

• officials for not cleaning up the trash property along Goeller Boulevard.

• the organizers of the weekly Third House meetings for failing to consider parking when it moved meetings to Mill Race Center because attendees took up every spot, forcing elderly paying members to park at Mill Race Park, a distance away.

• people that bring their non-service animals into retail stores.

• those even thinking about a riverfront development before we know exactly how the overpass is going to fit in all this.

• the elected official who can’t seem to do his job without advocating for more spending and more taxes.

• those who don’t realize that when piles of snow block a driveway, you probably want to remove them.

• city officials wanting to spend $8.6 million on riverfront park, while residents of East Ridge Manor are being flooded by Sloan Branch, which they will not clean out.

• the vice president for speaking out critically against America while traveling overseas.

• the nonprofit organization that never recognizes the one person that goes over and beyond her job.

• the one BZA board member who voted in favor of the “puppy mill.”

• those supporting the riverfront project because there are so many homeless people that $8.6 million would really help them.

• the man that never shaves.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lesley Bryant and Taylor Bryant, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Marcea Folks, from your family, Fuel Systems team and Donna.

• Leann Lux and Mackenzie Shaw, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kaleb Carman.

• Becky Bingham, from Aunt Doll

• Keith Matlock, from Doll

• Kathy Alberring, from Bob, Jeri, Duane and the rest of your family.

• Jim Shehan, from Mom and the family.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Jacob Brockman, from Grandma and Papaw Schnadinger (Barb and Gordon), Jenny and Steve Kessler and all your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bob and Ceil Smith, from Donald and Janet.