Gas pipeline upgrades begin; project to replace 400 service lines

Vectren is starting a project to replace gas mains and service lines in Columbus, part of the company’s multi-year program to replace about 1,300 miles of bare steel and cast iron pipeline throughout Indiana.

In Columbus, the company is spending about $3.1 million to replace nearly five miles of gas main and 400 service lines this year. Since 2008, more than nine miles have been retired within the city and Vectren intends to retire a total of more than 40 miles in the city over the next several years.

Streets affected in Columbus during the first phase of the work are 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, Maple, Newton and Gilmore streets, the company said.

In most cases, a polyethylene (plastic) system will be installed to replace the current bare steel and cast iron gas pipeline system, company officials said. First, the gas main, which is a gas pipeline ranging in size from 2 to 8 inches and is often found underneath the street or sidewalk, will be replaced within the right-of-way. Then the service lines running directly to homes and businesses will be replaced.

When completed, the company will restore affected yards, sidewalks and streets, Vectren said.

Construction on the pipeline projects may take several weeks to complete, and Vectren is asking motorists and residents to be cautious when driving through construction zones and to keep children away from the work zones.

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