Around Town – January 28

Orchids to …

• Max’s Jewelry for repairing my necklace on the spot and with no charge.

• the thousands of adults and young people that participated in the March For Life.

• dedicated and hard working city and county police officers who continue to arrest criminals even though they won’t be prosecuted unless they agree to a plea bargain.

• Randy Murphy for helping me work on my truck at AutoZone.

• citizens who want moral leadership in our Congress and the presidency.

• Moravian women for making the delicious chicken pot pies, from someone who really enjoyed them.

• Columbus Towing Company for all their help and for service above and beyond, from Shirley.

Happy Birthday to …

• Karen Hargett, from your family and co-workers at Four Seasons.

• Maddie Cline, from your family and Donna.

• Connie Bolte, from your family, Mary Ann and Donna.

• Roger and Marilyn Williams, from your family, Jan and Donna.

• Beth Ellison, Sam Robinson and Eleanor Settle, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Bryan Schrader.

• Dan from Mary, Lisa, and Greg.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jimmie McGaha, from your wife, Reba.

• Dave and Jim Shehan, from Mom and family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning