Letter: Ordinance reasonable, will help protect neighbors

From: Sheryl Nulph


I am a homeowner in Columbus and I would like to offer my support of the landlord registration ordinance.

As a private homeowner, I have registered my own property with our local 911 dispatch center. By calling their administrative line (not 911), I was able to provide my name, address and contact phone numbers. I was even able to provide them with the name and phone number of a relative, in case I would be out of town or otherwise unable to respond to an emergency. This call took less than two minutes and the person I spoke to couldn’t have been nicer.

Having lived through two fires, both caused by renters living next door to me, knowing that there is easily accessible information available to emergency personnel gives me great peace of mind. Providing this information helps protect me, and my neighbors, in case of emergency. This is a reasonable ordinance, and I’m happy it is coming before city council.