Many of the walls in Jennings County High School feature murals that have been painted by the students. For the past month, a team of three National Art Honor Society students, Erynn Troupe, Laremie Maschino and Abby Rowlett, have been working to complete another mural to add to the school’s collection.

The mural will cover all four walls of the school’s bookstore. While some murals display famous artworks, such as Salvador Dali’s “Sleep” or the activities of a certain group in the school, such as one depicting the marching band, the new mural will incorporate many of the extracurricular activities offered by the school.

Troupe, a senior and the leader of this group, explained that such imagery was chosen because “the bookstore is a place that everyone visits.” The mural, she said, is supposed to tie together the groups of the high school, rather than segregate them.

Troupe said she wanted to lead the mural project.

“I haven’t been able to lead a mural before. I’ve helped with some of the other ones around the school, but I have never been able to guide one myself, which I have been wanting to do. In short, I guess you could say I want to leave my mark before I leave,” Troupe said.

The mural has been planned since October. Currently, only one wall of the mural is close to completion.

Ashley Browning is a senior at Jennings County High School.