Letter: Murderers are cowards killing in name of evil

From: Sandy Hoover


Families and loved ones are heartbroken again because of the senseless actions of one person. They mourn their innocent children, are terror stricken and living in a black void where there seams no light. They and the rest of the world ask, “Why? How could this happen? How can this happen again and again?”

The main reason is evil, an evil so black you wonder if it will ever be penetrated, if the shadow of darkness will ever stop spreading.

The people committing these crimes usually want to make a name for themselves, to be written about again and again, and not be forgotten. Maybe our society should do as the Egyptians and erase their names from history, from their names being written. Or better yet, to give them the name Coward. Too afraid to live normal contributing lives. Too afraid to face what they feel are opponents that are unarmed and running without a gun. Cowards!

Too afraid to let the savior Christ change their lives before they are destroyed, so they give themselves to Satan. But their names will be erased in the book of life, their names will be forgotten forevermore.

My thoughts, love and prayers go out to all whose children were lost. I pray they feel Christ’s tears as he mourns with them, and that they feel his loving arms wrapped around them. God bless them all.