Letter: U.S. lawmakers from state have accepted NRA payouts

From: Pat Walkos


It is time for the grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and wives of this country to hold our elected representatives accountable for the lack of gun control in our communities. Many of our men lack the courage to help keep our children safe by their inaction.

I am a great-grandmother and I want to see my children’s children grow up to have children of their own. How many more days do we want to see our flags flying at half mast?

I found these federal lawmakers from Indiana that took money from the National Rifle Association in 2015-16 either directly or indirectly:

  • Todd Young, $5,950
  • Trey Hollingsworth, $2,000
  • Luke Messer, $2,000
  • Todd Rokita, $2,000
  • Jackie Warlorski, $2,000
  • Jim Banks, $1,000
  • Susan Brooks, $1,000
  • Larry Bucshon, $1,000