Around Town – March 6

Orchids to …

• The Republic for taking a courageous stand in favor of action to reduce violence with guns.

• The Republic for its ongoing articles honoring the service of all veterans, including stories on veterans who made the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

• people who understand that tariffs lead to trade wars that will lead to higher prices for consumers and losses of American jobs.

• Kathy Dell and the entire Parkside cast for all the hard work and wonderful performances on the production of “Annie,” from the Martinez and Cheek family.

• The Republic for its Sunday editorial on gun violence –- well said, well done.

• Sunday’s editorial for telling the story of the gun sickness in our country exactly as it needs to be told.

• The Republic for its editorial Sunday about gun reform and gun violence; I, too, believe enough is enough — thank you for being so brave.

• The Republic for its thoughtful and wise editorial, “Enough,” and the newspaper’s encouragement to citizens to take action for common-sense reform.

• all members of our law enforcement for their hard work and many long hours trying to protect us — God bless you all, from a thankful citizen.

• the Columbus Bowling Center for the fun and educational field trip opportunity from the ABC-Stewart math room.

• Hotel Indigo for the Fantastic Fibonacci Fun Field Trip from the ABC-Stewart math room.

• The Columbus police officer for having a great birthday picture with Diana on her 68th birthday, from the McDonald’s breakfast club.

Onions to …

• the 48 states that do not require documented proof of citizenship for voter registration.

• the pro-birth/anti-life crowd who wants abortion made illegal, guns for everyone and no welfare.

• those who think that not seeing an outcome of a event makes it “proven to work.”

• those criticizing the vice president for not standing at the Olympics for the unified Koreans because the unified Korean leaders did not stand when the Americans came in.

• the person who put Onions in the paper about abortion: Women were having abortions, even illegally, before 1973.

• the columnist who thinks that just because some people are poor, they are also dumb.

• the local business that overpays for real estate but underpays its excellent professional employees.

• people who complain about restaurants not offering Styrofoam cups who really need to care about what’s left of this planet and reduce, reuse and recycle.

• the column on the poor and the supplemental food program, which was absolutely deplorable.

• those that think that a conceal-and-carry program would be much of a deterrent to a psychopath who has a death wish to go out in a hail of bullets.

• individuals who get on a treadmill immediately next to you at the gym when there are countless other open treadmills available.

• the people who haven’t repaired the cut at the Petersville recycling convenience station.

Happy Birthday to …

• Clay Marthin, from your family.

• Tessa Hirons, from your family and Donna.

• Dorothy Richards, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Steven Gates, from Mom, Dad, Kaydence, Easton, Grandma Jenny, Stephanie, Jessica, Skyler, Mason and Ryder.

• Sharon Baird from Joe and Kay.

• Regan Meredith Harvey, from Aunt Elsie.

• Holly Elkins.

• Ally Sigman.

• Orin Thayer.

• Steven Gates.

• Becky Thomas, from Tim, Beth, Tyler and Mom and Dad.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Sabrina and Greg Johnson, from your family, Melanie and Donna.

• to Eric and Johnni Hoene, from Mom and Dad.