Letter: What happened to liberty, justice for all?

From: Anita Gauck


Feb. 14 was a horrific day for all involved at the Parkland, Florida, high school. From reports, due to a lack of attention/action of many professionals and family, a young man changed the lives of hundreds in a few seconds, whether directly or indirectly.

Reeling from the shock of this tragedy, every Second Amendment-minded citizen knew what the next step would be from the “left,” which has wanted gun confiscation for decades. But, what we didn’t expect was that the National Rifle Association and the “right” would also jump on board. While the “left” immediately attacked the NRA and the “right” raged about the incompetent FBI and hapless school guard, neither side pointed fingers at the drug companies that, per OpenSecrets.com, spent $277.8 million in 2017 compared to the NRA’s $5.1 million lobbying Capitol Hill.

There is usually one common denominator in these shooting scenarios; the perpetrators were on psychotropic drugs. Ever look up the side effects? And while these killings are abominable, every life is precious. In 2018, there have been more than 141,746 abortions performed in the United States of America. Where is the moral outrage for those tiny souls? Shouldn’t we ask ourselves, when did we start granting our current leaders authority over who is worthy of life and justice, and who is not? What happened to liberty and justice for all?

Bearing this in mind, for every tragic episode as happened in Florida, I stop and ask, “Who benefits?” The proposed solution is now banning a certain type of rifle and further restricting guns from those deemed to have behavioral problems. Behavioral problems are subjective. Who determines a person’s intent to harm another? Will it be the government officials who accept money from drug company lobbyists — companies that convince doctors to prescribe millions of psychotropics each year? Will everyone on an antidepressant lose self-defense rights? Will it be judged on age or based on some discontented neighbor’s report? Will an 18-year-old soldier be banned from owning a rife to protect his/her own home? If so, 21 should be the required age for all military. And just what gun or knife will be banned next?

Folks, we are going down the path toward totalitarianism, giving up our rights in some vain hope for security. And, in what way are we more secure? Ninety-eight percent of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. Historically, the body count is in the millions for citizens of countries who have not had Second Amendment rights.

Please pray and grieve for the lost, and then fight for your God-given liberties of life and self-defense. Save for a few, Washington only seeks power for itself and could care less about the lives of its “subjects.” Turn off those mainstream media pundits on all sides and ask, “Just who benefits?” The answer is never the citizen. God help us all.