Around Town – March 31

Orchids to …

• Pastor Bailey and the folks who helped prepare and serve the Seder meal at Parkside Baptist Church.

• Tom Talbert’s letter highlighting the recent law providing massive tax cuts to the wealthy and crumbs to the middle class.

• all involved in teaching area third- and fourth-graders about music at the Philharmonic Adventure Concerts, especially Vanessa Edwards and David Bowden.

• the Sutherlands on Stratton Court, from June.

• Dale Fleetwood of Elizabethtown for the pretty daffodils at Southern Crossing, from your neighbor.

• Westside Community Church for the beautiful Maundy Thursday worship service, from Joyce Robertson.

• John Krull for his column Friday.

Onions to …

• those who don’t understand we hurry to get to the next light so we don’t have to drive behind the slow drivers who act like they have nowhere to go and all day to get there.

• those who do not realize the Second Amendment protects all the other amendments.

• family members who don’t do their share.

• people who have small cars but big, loud mufflers.

• the city/county for not having a noise ordinance.

• those opposed to common-sense gun control because it’s not that common.

Happy Birthday to …

• Wes Thayer.

• Greg Hill.

• Eric Elkins.

• Tammy Shaw.

• Payton Jones.

• Gary Cheek from Marilyn Cheek and Crystal, Draven and Mira Martinez.

• Martha Grinstead, from Jerry Carmen, Ryan and Hilary.

• Maria Leddy.

• Emily Mabe.

• Thaise Jessup, from G.G.

• Skyler Collins, from Mom, Greg, Nana, Grammy, Leilah and the rest of your family.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Michael T. Bova Jr., on March 27.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Janice and Henley Simmons, from all your family.

• Chuck and Virginia Hauser.