Good morning Columbus. What you need to know — Hamilton; top students at North; Moms Demand Action; Columbus has a women’s football team

Greetings Columbus —

hamiltonWho lives, who dies, who tells your story?

That Lin-Manuel Miranda’s (via biographer Ron Chernow) was the one to tell the story of our once-forgotten Founding Father Alexander Hamilton is a blessing.

I saw “Hamilton: An American Musical” Friday in Chicago, and my advice is this: Run really, really fast to see it. It’s a glorious and raucous telling of the birth or our nation and the orphan immigrant Hamilton whose fingerprints are all over our beautiful, messy and aggravating (dare I say fading) democracy.

I am not exaggerating here: The storytelling in “Hamilton” — the words, the music, the casting  — is genius.

“Hamilton” has pierced our culture in ways few could have imagined. I mean this is a theatrical production about the American Revolution, the Compromise of 1790 and the Constitutional Convention.

How could that ever compete with our modern-day fixations —  the Kardashians, cat videos and Prince Harry’s upcoming wedding.

But it does and it has.

Miranda has incorporated many musical genres  — jazz, rhythm and blues and traditional Broadway — but hip-hop is at the core of “Hamilton.” Complex rhyming and rap (there are nods to Biggie and Tupac) connect history to the now, and it is breathtaking.

Moreover, this is the story of a dreamer immigrant who came from little and who did not let the difficult circumstances of his birth hold him back. Hamilton was “young, scrappy and hungry” just like his country.

How relevant is that?

Here’s what else you need to know —

Top students at Columbus North.
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Area moms want to reduce gun violence.
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Tackling trailblazers.
The city has its own women’s tackle football team, the Columbus Vanguards. We caught up with team members, including Columbus East senior Kendra Pastrick, to find out how they preparing for the their first game. Tuesday’s Republic.

Done deal. Bank merger complete.
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