Around Town – April 5

Orchids to …

• the thoughtful young lady who bought my dinner at Chipotle on Monday evening.

• Andrea Stattenfield and Elizabeth Wessel for the ZwanzigZ lunch special Tuesday.

• Debbie and Bill Malone for another great dinner and egg hunt, from family and friends.

• Pastor Howard Boles and Associate Pastor Lisa Cottingham of First United Methodist Church for the wonderful Holy Week services.

• Tress and the other medics who assisted in my crisis situation, from Tim.

• Gary at Joe’s Pool & Spa for solving the mystery to our hot tub.

Onions to …

• the area alert personnel for the 19 text messages, 12 emails and 10 phone calls with voicemails before 2 p.m. to tell me the same message.

• people who go about watching how others live, because it’s not your business.

• to people who get concerned about how others take care of their yards.

• the dishonest person who found the gift cards at the grocery store.

• people who don’t understand that refusing to have a conversation about even the most sensible restrictions on guns will ultimately end up costing the loss of gun rights for all.

• the city for spending of the taxpayers’ money by buying the old county garage, tearing it down and building a new city garage.

• those who can’t hit what they’re shooting at in one or two shots and shouldn’t be permitted to own a BB gun, let alone an assault rifle.

• our speechless vice president in the midst of the behavior of the president.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kaley Stoner, from your family and co-workers.

• Jonathan Cooper, Sandy Marlow and Will Walters, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lola Cooper, from Elsie.

• Steve Thayer.

• Shanda Thayer.

• Barbara Sigman.

• Mark Schoettmer, from Kim, Mom, Jean, Uncle George, Wilma and kids and grandkids.

Belated Happy Anniversary to …

• Marion and Lois Winterberg, from John Tinkey.