Where they stand Q&A: Jonathan Lamb


Q: Partisan politics has been blamed for political gridlock at the federal level, ranging from approval of spending bills to Supreme Court nominations to filibusters on legislation. How is partisanship most problematic and how would you try to promote bipartisan efforts?

A: We need fresh ideas and voices in Congress and I’ve signed a term-limit pledge. We need to limit the power of lobbyists and special-interest groups. I will work across party lines and fight to balance our budget and stop mortgaging away the future of our children.

Q: Congress and the president so far have been unable to reach a compromise on a legislative solution for young immigrants who came into the U.S. illegally as children. Where do you stand on the “Dreamers” issue?

A: We need to welcome and embrace immigrants who come here legally to live and work. We have failed our citizens and allowed illegal immigrants and illicit drugs into our communities. I applaud bipartisan efforts such as The Succeed Act to crack down on illegal immigrants, chain migration and sanctuary cities.

Lamb bio

Name: Jonathan Lamb

Political party: Republican

Age: 36

City of residence: Yorktown

Occupation: Economist, entrepreneur

Education: Yorktown High School; Bachelor of Arts in Risk Management and Bachelor of Arts in economics, Ball State University; Master of Business Administration, North Carolina State University.

Previous offices held: None

Previous offices sought: None