Where they stand Q&A: Lane Siekman


Q: Partisan politics has been blamed for political gridlock at the federal level, ranging from approval of spending bills to Supreme Court nominations to filibusters on legislation. How is partisanship most problematic and how would you try to promote bipartisan efforts?

A: I work with both Republican and Democratic members of local government. We always say that after the election is over, our job is to work for all the people. Every issue is not black-and-white and must be debated in full with civility and respect for others.

Q: Congress and the president so far have been unable to reach a compromise on a legislative solution for young immigrants who came into the U.S. illegally as children. Where do you stand on the “Dreamers” issue?

A: I support the DREAM Act as well as creating pathways to citizenship for all of those that are in this country illegally. America has always had the benefit of strong and diverse immigrants to this country. We should not build walls to separate ourselves from the rest of the world.

Siekman bio

Name: Lane Siekman

Political party: Democratic

Age: 57

City of residence: Rising Sun

Occupation: Attorney (also city attorney, 8 years; county council attorney, 3 years)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Finance/Economics, Ball State University in 1983; Law degree, Indiana University, 1990

Previous offices held: None.

Previous offices sought: Indiana Senate, 1990; U.S. House of Representatives, 2014.