Letter: Vote Lauer for District 59 representative

From: Russell Poling Sr.


I would like to tell you about my good friend, Ryan Lauer, who is seeking the Republican nomination to represent the 59th House District in the Indiana General Assembly.

Taxes are a big concern these days. Our state and local governments keep raising taxes and imposing fees. These taxes can be onerous, especially for the poor and people living on a fixed income. I know that Ryan will be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. He proved that on the county council, where not only he resisted calls to raise taxes but he actually worked to lower our taxes. At the statehouse he will work to ensure our government stays within its means, and he will look for ways to eliminate waste wherever possible.

As a retired military veteran, I appreciate what Ryan has done for all of the veterans here in Bartholomew County. As our representative at the capitol, I know he will remember to honor the sacrifices so many veterans have made for our state and our country. When he served on the Bartholomew County Council, Ryan fought for and won funding for a full-time veteran services officer. This is an important office which helps veterans navigate the extremely confusing federal and state rules they must follow when applying for the benefits they have rightfully earned.

As a parent and a grandparent, I know a quality education is important, not just for the students but for our society in general. Ryan wants to eliminate unnecessary paperwork on teachers, reform ISTEP and allow teachers to just teach. Educational goals and standards will be set locally and not by bureaucrats in Washington.

A key to a safe society is a well-funded and well-trained police force. While on the county council, Ryan was able to push hard to increase pay for the deputies, which helped deal with a pay gap between the county and the city. He was also able to find money in the budget to fund two additional officers and award extra pay for all merit officers who had honorably served our country in the armed forces. He did this while cutting his pay on the council and also lowering everyone’s county taxes.

The opioid crisis is gripping not just our county but the country as a whole. Our local leaders are trying to deal with this, but we need leadership from the state government. Ryan will push the state government to focus resources on awareness, increased enforcement and evidence-based treatment. He will not just throw money at the problem and hope it is solved.

Please join me on May 8 to cast your vote in the Republican primary and elect a true conservative, Ryan Lauer, to be our next representative in Indianapolis!