Letter: Teachers deserve respect for work they do

From: Lynne Denney


After spending the day with my 5-year-old grandson trying to help him with the required eLearning, which his kindergarten teacher had submitted for him, I now have a much greater admiration for his teacher, and all teachers, for that matter. I feel exhausted.

I have spent almost 50 years working as an LPN and then later an RN at our local hospital helping women in labor and delivery, assisting with cesarean sections, helping them after delivery, assisting with resuscitation of newborns, caring for normal newborns and many other tasks on other floors of the hospital. I worked for a rheumatologist office, a pediatrician’s office, a primary care physician’s office and done home care. I’ve traveled to over five counties taking care of people of all ages at their homes, drove to many post offices giving flu shots and now work at an OB/GYN physician’s office. But I have never had a day like today.

We had three categories, each with seven choices from which we could choose five assignments to complete. We chose to do:

  • The 15 minutes reading a book.
  • The 15 minutes of listening to a story either online or from a family member.
  • One chore to do around the house.
  • Do a homemade bookmark.
  • Read a second book for 15 minutes, all from the reading category.

Then we chose to:

  • Write a sentence about what you had for lunch.
  • Go outside and look around and then draw a picture of what you see.
  • Help write a grocery list.
  • Tell someone at home five things you like about them.
  • Write your first and last name three times from the writing category.

Then we chose to:

  • Count to 100 by 1s and 10s.
  • Watch on YouTube “Subtract with a Pirate.”
  • Watch on YouTube “Add with a Pirate.”
  • Watch Brainpop Jr. (place value).
  • Watch Brainpop Jr. (doubles), all from the math category.

Well, I don’t know if my grandson’s actions and attitude and attention span and constant wiggling and refusal to participate at times are typical or not, but let me say, my nerves are shot. I do not know how much a starting kindergarten teacher’s salary is, but I’m sure it is not enough. I know that a new nurse’s salary starts around $25 to $26 per hour, $29 to $30 if one chooses to work night shift. Therefore, a kindergarten teacher certainly should make that or more.

We nurses are sometimes up to our elbows in every body fluid known to man, frequently work 12 to 13 hour shifts, try to give the best care we can to the patient and all their loved ones, try to stay current on all new medical continuing education, learn how to please our patients, charge nurses, managers, supervisors, physicians and others. Then we try to juggle all our duties at home as well, try to attend all our children’s activities, duties at our church and communities.

But I’ll take that any day rather than teach 25 to 30 of these precious 5-year-olds. Kudos to all the teachers.