Marketplace: Louisville & Indiana Railroad

The Louisville & Indiana Railroad recently was honored at the 2018 meeting of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

The railroad received the association’s 2018 Marketing Award for the railroad’s efforts expanding rail service to an Indiana National Guard training facility in central Indiana, and the association’s annual Timmons Award for a commitment to hiring military veterans. Railroad Transportation Director Jeremy Kramer was named 2018 Safety Person of the Year.

The marketing award recognizes Louisville & Indiana’s work with the Indiana National Guard to expand its capability to transport military equipment on railroad flatcars from its newly expanded installation at Camp Atterbury.

The site serves a large-scale U.S. Army training facility in central Indiana that has been re-purposed to become a primary proving ground.

The Louisville & Indiana Railroad is headquartered in Jeffersonville and is one of six railroads operated by Anacostia Rail Holdings. LIRC began operations in 1994 on more than 106 route miles of track between Indianapolis and Louisville. The railroad connects with CSX, Norfolk Southern, Indiana Rail Road and Paducah & Louisville.