Around Town – April 17

Orchids to …

• the Ridge Church for outstanding music and singing on Sunday morning, from a member.

• Brian Blair for the well-written and heartwarming story about the wonderful Pride Festival.

• Sherry Stark for her work in making Columbus a welcoming community and being selected as this year’s William R. Laws Human Rights Award winner, from Mickey Kim.

• those in favor of impeaching the president.

• Jackie and Dave Pardieck for another great Hardin family reunion.

• Roger Thayer who paid for our meal Saturday night at Amazing Joe’s, from the couple sitting at the bar.

• Texas Roadhouse for the food donation Saturday for my senior project.

• the Edinburgh police officer that helped me to my car, from Carol.

• area high school students who are willing to stand up for what they believe in.

• Ogilville Christian Church for a tremendous luncheon lunch on Saturday.

• Columbus Salvation Army for a wonderful service on Sunday morning and pot luck.

• the Rev. Orville Turner for an awesome service on Sunday night at Sixth Street General Baptist Church.

• Steve Knight for the awesome banana milkshake.

• the many people who sent cards, and to the people of Dale Court and Sims Drive who were so generous.

• Tammy, Terri, Hillary and Cruz for all you did to help with a special surprise birthday party for JD, and a special thanks to Rich Coffey for entertaining us with karaoke; and to American Legion Post 42 for letting us use their facility.

• Wilma Jordan for the ride to church on Sunday, from Margie Peach.

• Kim Taylor at the postal office downtown on Jackson Street and to my mail carrier on Pennsylvania Street for taking care of a problem we had — I appreciate it very much, from Dolores.

Onions to …

• people who drive without lights in the rain.

• the Republican candidate for Senate who continually flip-flops and refuses to debate unless it’s under his terms.

• all those who keep saying “love conquers hate,” then say something hateful about someone who doesn’t have your views.

• the national political activists who used the local student’s senior project for their own purposes.

• the candidate who is violating local ordinances by putting his banners in people’s yards.

• the GOP candidate who has issued free copies of his book, which is nothing but a guide to worshiping money.

• the city of Columbus for allowing gay pride to occur downtown and close off streets.

• people who judge Vice President Mike Pence when they themselves wish to not be judged.

• the local media for not informing the public beforehand that a colorful costume party was scheduled to take place in downtown Columbus on Saturday.

• the county for sacrificing safety to save a buck by placing chip-and-seal on Tannehill road.

• people who stop my wife and complain about work on her day off.

• the pride event Saturday.

• disrupting the school day with student protests which could and should be held outside of the school day.

• the principal who does not understand the value of a teenager’s voice or opinion.

• anyone who doesn’t know that the SPLC is a hate group itself to anyone who doesn’t see things their exact way.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bree Blanton, from your family and Donna.

• Mary Tolle, from family and friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

• Anna Marie Crowder.

• Lachlan Torres, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Alli Bierlein, from all your friends.

• J.D. Muir, from Betty and the gang.

• Hannah Matlock.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sherry Anderson on April 16, from all your friends.