Around Town – January 30

Orchids to …

• Dave Pogue for his spot-on letter, echoing the opinions of many others.

• any Democrat filing for City Council or mayor, giving the people of Columbus a choice.

• the nice couple who offered their assistance Tuesday night at the library when our mother fell, from a grateful son and daughter.

• Raine at Hilliard Lyons for doing an exemplary job in helping my husband and me in the purchase of our new home, from Shaun and Amy Baker.

• everyone at Ono Brothers Contractors for an excellent job on our home-restoration project, from the Oswalts.

• the woman who found our baby doll at Sam’s Club and returned her to us.

• the lady who paid for my groceries Tuesday afternoon at Kroger, from Vera Meredith.

• Alexis Hamilton for a great job in the skating competition, from Nana.

• Marvin Hamilton for all the hard work you have done on fundraisers for Jason.

• the guy that helped my daughter and me Wednesday evening when our car broke down.

• the Kroger employee who found and turned in my cellphone, from Pat.

• the dismantled Columbus Downtown Inc. for always making sure rent was collected and leases were renewed on time.

Onions to …

• greedy fisheries and state lawmakers for allowing the slaughter of river otters that were just reintroduced in our state after being trapped to extinction four years ago.

• the couple who left the church and are still causing trouble.

• the younger generation for being so rude to the older generation, especially when we are walking with a cane.

• the local retailer for selling New England Patriots jerseys, which is disgusting and shameful.

• the woman at the drive-thru window who spent excessive time making other customers wait.

• to the Redevelopment Commission leader who skipped Monday’s meeting, apparently to post campaign photos on Facebook, from an Ordinary Joe.

• the police officer for stopping me for not having a light on my license plate, as police should have more important things to do.

• jurors handing out the verdict for the Hope town marshal.

• the city leader who uses some small businesses for catering, but not others.

• the company that makes employees remove articles of clothing before going through scanners as they leave the property.

• Columbus gas stations that are above the national average of $2.03 per gallon again.

• Governor Pence for trying to remove a democratically elected official.

• drivers on East County Road 50N who drive too fast and create safety problems.

• the scooter operator on Gladstone Avenue on Monday afternoon for having a passenger and weaving dangerously in and out of traffic.

• families that claim to be religious but go to bars and drink.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jeff Oakes.

• Lloyd Bannister, from your wife and all the family.

• Linda Bell, from Lloyd and Mary Bannister.

• Beverly Hewitt, from Rodney and Rhonda Hewitt.

• Mary Lou Estes, from Sonja.

• Steven West on No. 4, from Pa Steve, Nana, Nakia, Isabel, Dawson, Mommy, Uncle T., Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Klint, Maggie, Brad, Luke and Cole.

• Tim Shoaf, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Justin Harvey, from Aunt Elsie.

• Maya Smith, from Aunt Elsie.

• Drew Sterett.

• Mattie Shoaf.

• Lila Rain Fox on No. 7, from Momma, Daddy, Keegan, Grayson, Jackson.

• Rhonda Day.

• Bruce Luzier.

• Pat Blanton, from Josh, Amanda, Mya, Tressa, Bree, Tonya, Julie and Donna.

• Mya Blanton, from Grandma Pat, Dad, Mom, Aunt Tressa and Bree.

• Sally Simmonds, from Shirley, Janet, Donna and your neighbors.

Belated Wishes to …

• Dexter Shields, from Daddy and Mommy.