Quick takes – January 31st

Museum upgrades need support

The kidscommons children’s museum is one of the most popular attractions in Columbus, drawing more than 44,000 visitors last year — not including 7,000 that were part of school groups.

It’s important to invest in community assets, which the kidscommons surely has become.

That’s why it’s good to hear that the Reeves Foundation is providing a $20,000 grant to update the ExploraHouse feature in the museum, which includes the popular giant toilet.

Keeping current with technology and information is important with exhibits, but so is addressing the wear and tear caused by enthusiastic visitors during nearly a decade of use.

However, the refurbishing effort could use additional support, as about $60,000 more is needed to cover the costs of all facets museum leaders would like to upgrade.

One way you can help: Attend the Feb. 21 Carnivale Italy, a fundraiser for kidscommons.

Fingerprint ID good idea

Columbus Regional Hospital has taken a good step toward improving patient satisfaction and security by implementing a fingerprint ID system, SafeChx.

Its purpose is to eliminate medical errors due to misidentification and to streamline patient experiences. SafeChx allows patients to scan their right index finger, assigning patients a unique code for their medical information.

Columbus Regional has begun to register and verify patients for treatment and appointments using this method, a smart move.

Cabaret series wonderful

The Columbus Indiana Philharmonic has hit a home run with its latest offering, Cabaret at The Commons. It provides high-level talent in an intimate setting.

The opening of the three-concert series, on Jan. 8, featured Broadway performer Mary Claire King. Exceptional performers also are scheduled for the Feb. 19 and March 19 shows.

Riding the popularity of cabaret music, this series will bring a lot of people downtown Thursday, a nontraditional entertainment night. Fun for patrons, it will also make cash registers ring — a win-win.