Letter: Caring vet staff eased loss of treasured pet

From: Barbara Laffey


We cannot express enough our gratitude to the loving, caring staff at Hope Veterinary Clinic with a special heartfelt thanks to Dr. Witt. We are mourning the loss of our 10-year-old Lab, Buddy. Through the entire experience from his cancer diagnosis in December to this past Wednesday when with the assistance of Dr. Witt we “sent Buddy up” to rescue him from his disease, she maintained contact with us, offering compassion and real options to help him enjoy three extra weeks of quality life with us.

We would like to give a shout-out to Dr. Baer, who also lent his expertise to Buddy’s treatment. Thank-you seems so inadequate, but on behalf of our family, and I think Buddy would agree, we want to say thanks for being there for all of us.