Letter: Behavior more pressing concern for children

From: Pauline Vogel

North Vernon

Early education is all we want: 3- and 4-year-olds in school. What we do not focus on is child behavior.

I am not a bit impressed by little Jack at 3 years old being able to read. I am more impressed by little Jack who will put his shoes and coat on without being told two to five times.

Most children today have never been spanked or had their hands slapped. They go on and on, run when their parents start to get up to get them, etc.

I watched a friend of mine getting her two grandchildren ready to leave my house. They are 5 and 3. She told them to put on their shoes and jackets, which they did. They both thanked me for their snacks, without being told. They stood there quietly and waited for her to get her coat on, walked to the car, and when she opened the door for them, they got in, sat in their car seats and fastened their seat belts.

Most children would have to have been told two to five times to get ready, then run outside and played around, or gotten in the car and honked the horn, turned on the lights or gotten into everything in the car. I was impressed.

Most parents really need to focus on child behavior.