Letter: Columbus deserves leaders who walk the walk

From: Patricia Ghuman


I received the intrusive telemarketing calls on my cellphone from Jim Lienhoop, who is running for mayor of Columbus.

The caller never identified who he was working for. I asked the caller, and he told me he works for a phone survey company and that they were hired by Mark It Red in Lebanon. Never did the caller disclose that he was working for a political candidate for mayor of Columbus, let alone disclose the candidate’s name.

I read that Lienhoop declined to divulge the questions he asked in the survey when asked by a reporter of the newspaper.

The telephone number that the call supposedly originated from was an 812 number. But when I dialed the phone number back, I got a recording saying I had reached Survey Sampling International based in Connecticut, and I was given no opportunity to speak to a person or even leave a message. Where’s the transparency?

I was asked what issues in Columbus are most important to me. Lienhoop is in his second term as a city council member but admitted to using a phone survey company to understand what is most important to voters. How is he so disconnected?

When I voiced my support for Mayor Kristen Brown, I was asked to respond to a series of anti-Brown statements. As the call continued, it occurred to me the statements were not only designed to change my mind, but they were also a part of a plan to determine the most popular negative attack message, if there is such a thing. Why be so negative and divisive?

In the same newspaper article, Brown committed to not use similar campaign tactics in her re-election bid.

It reminds me of a proverb, “Actions speak louder than words.” Columbus deserves leadership that walks the walk not just talks the talk. That’s Mayor Kristen Brown.