Letter: Good leadership needed as city moves forward

From: Jim Strietelmeier


As I read Bob Snively’s letter published Feb. 8, I was struck by the phrase “good old boys.”

I have observed that term and “ordinary Joes” in some of the Orchids and Onions section of the paper. I am not sure who or what this is. Are those exclusive groups or what?

We recently moved back to Columbus after living elsewhere for 25 years. It is very impressive what has been done here over the years. To cite just a few things: the downtown area, various parks and People Trails, residential developments, and on and on.

Someone or groups must have done something right for all this to happen. You get a better impression if you compare Columbus to almost any other community. Live some place else for a while, and you will see.

I have been concerned over the discord that I’ve read about and observed between the mayor and City Council. It is hard to believe they are all from the same political party. The mayor seems to have a combative management style that does not deal well with those who do not agree, and this can cause morale issues and employees to work in a fearful environment. It sends the wrong message to businesses that might be considering locating here.

We have an upcoming election that is important to our community. One of our candidates has a proven record as an experienced and successful manager and is willing to retire from a successful professional career to lead our city.

I am not sure how that relates to the “good old boys” or the “ordinary Joes,” but it is important to have good leadership as our city continues to grow and provide a great place to live.