What’s Your Workout: Andrea Davis

» your workout routine: It’s a mix of cardio — the exercise bike, running or maybe jump rope — combined with strength training through things like free weights and medicine balls. We call them our toys.

» YOUR INSPIRATION TO START: Five years ago, I was gaining weight, and getting to the point of having to buy bigger clothes.

» STICKING WITH IT: Because it has been such a huge benefit. My cholesterol numbers totally have flip-flopped for the better, for instance.

» MAKING TIME: My work schedule can be flexible.

» lost weight/gained muscle mass: I lost 30 pounds the first year of exercising. And I know I also have gained a lot of muscle.

» exercises you dread: The exercise I least like is called wall balls — where you take a 12-pound medicine ball and throw it up against the wall and catch it as it bounces off. But it’s great for your core.

» ON YOUR PLAYLISt: Nancy (from Columbus’ Studio Fit by By Nancy) has a stereo system we listen to together. She has music from homemade CDs. Pop, rock, rap, country — everything.

» special diet/eating plan/MEAL ‘CHEATS:’ I just ate supper and had grilled fish, rice and broccoli. And I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. But I don’t eat it very often. If I’m having lunch with a client, I occasionally might order dessert.

» favorite fitness moment: My favorite overall moment would have to losing the 30 pounds. But another favorite moment actually is every time I’m done with my workout, and how good I feel. I feel relaxed. And I’ve noticed that I sleep much better, too.

» MOTIVATION WHEN UNMOTIVATED: I remind myself that people are waiting for me — and I realize that I always feel better when I go to the gym.

» aDVICE FOR BEGINNERS: Start slow. Don’t give up. Remember that the hurt means things are working. I still feel some of that hurt. But be sure you’re working out with the help of someone who is well-trained.

» A little-known fitness fact about you: I’ve got great biceps.

— Compiled by staff writer Brian Blair

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Age: 53

City: Columbus

Occupation: Sales and marketing for Safeco Insurance

Family: Husband, John; son Ben, 18

Where you work out: Columbus’ Studio Fit by By Nancy

Hours per week: Three to four