Letter: Accusations in letter break no new ground

From: Ken Fudge


In a recent letter to the editor, Brenda Sullivan, the former Democratic clerk-treasurer, calls for “respectful and collaborative leadership” that Jim Lienhoop will provide. Sullivan’s definition of respect and collaboration is not anyone else’s other than that of the previous administration that she was part of. Thankfully our city government no longer operates that way.

Sullivan’s idea of respect and collaboration involves asking police to launch a criminal investigation of Kristen Brown, then a resident who criticized Sullivan’s mismanagement of the city’s finances and her office’s unquestionable payments to CDI, which were approved by Lienhoop on the redevelopment commission. In my opinion, this is not respect and collaboration but is intimidation and collusion and has no place in our city government.

Now, four years later Sullivan brings up claims that are meant to slur a successful mayor before an upcoming election.

The Republic stated in its editorial dated Sept. 19, 2010, that Sullivan’s filing of false criminal charges against Brown “smacks of intimidation.” The editors also wrote, “For Sullivan to turn what appears to be an innocent mistake into a criminal activity is clearly out of bounds. It elevates this controversy to a level that is not only troubling but frightening. It does not bode well for the city’s image, and it is of enormous concern that an elected public official would adopt such tactics.”

Many interpreted Sullivan’s actions “as motivated by vindictiveness.” With her recent letter criticizing Brown, it would seem that her actions have a certain pattern to them, and again the word “vindictive” seems to fit rather well.

Sullivan claims Brown wasn’t responsible for removing the trash tax, but Sullivan’s very actions against show that Brown was in fact working on this and collecting facts in that regard as well as the numerous letters she had written to The Republic.

I wonder if Sullivan remembers the payments of tax dollars she made to CDI that were questionable and were approved by Lienhoop while he was on the redevelopment commission? Quite frankly, I would have requested a criminal investigation on those payments before I tried to intimidate a local citizen trying to better the community.

When I think of this issue, two words come to my mind. Those two words are “collaboration” and “collusion.” I am pretty sure it would take a judge to determine which one fits the circumstances in the aforementioned debacle of public trust and law. I, as a taxpayer and citizen of this city, would like that money back.

Again, the days of the good ol’ boys running this city are over. The letters to the editor that slant facts and put insinuating spins on our mayor with questionable timing mean nothing anymore and are an embarrassment to our community, especially from a former elected official.

Brown’s record and actions speak for themselves as they are transparent and ethical. This is the way Columbus now moves, and it is by the people and for the people.