Letter: Letter writer responds on gun rights

From: William Scarbrough


This is a response to a March 8 letter by Noel Knifley asking me how my proposal that signs be posted prohibiting guns in all buildings used by the public in Columbus, Indiana, would not stop terrorist shootings in schools or restaurants, theaters, etc.

I told Mr. Knifley, I’m sure much to his surprise, that the signs would not stop the terrorist killings at Columbine (Colorado) High School, the Aurora (Colorado) Theater massacre or the slaughter of 5- and 6-year old boys and girls and their teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

That state immediately banned everyone from possessing or using, for any purpose, a semi-automatic weapon. But not Columbus. Why not, Mr. Knifley? What is it you’re afraid of? We’re afraid of accidents.

I think I know. It’s what you and your gun-lovin’, Bible-thumpin’ people say is taking away your 2nd Amendment rights given by a Christian God. Yes, just like God told the founding fathers a slave was only 3/5 a person. We finally changed the Constitution on that one. Much to the chagrin of the founders and over 200 years later, white Republican legislators want to undo it.

“Pale Rider” is a 1985 movie which Clint Eastwood, produced, directed and acted in. It’s a Bible story in which Eastwood rids an entire community of its guns, leaving the settlers without fear of people with guns making the rules. This is exactly what I’m starting, Mr. Knifley … ridding Columbus of guns. “Dirty Harry” was a cop. Using his quote to reinforce my point is within a writer’s use of words from other contexts. It’s no different than suggesting that because of my stand I suffer the slings and arrows. Do you know that author?

In 1987, the Brady Bill Against Gun Violence was signed by President Reagan. It wasn’t until six years later that President Clinton made it law, banning the possession and sale of semi-automatic guns. In 2001, Republican Bible thumper George W. Bush repealed the law much to the pleasure of the Institute of Legislative Action of the National Rifle Association. This group is headed by LaPierre and Cox, paranoid gunslingers. Seventy percent of NRA members do not support their views.

I’ll bet you and Mayor Brown are part of the 30 percent, Mr. Knifley. For a man with a Ph.D., I’m not very impressed by your smarts.