Letter: When pain is shared, joy is doubled

From: Josh Kroot


No one asks for mental illness. It’s a disaffection in society that has created an indifference in communities. Feelings of loneliness in grief as one’s soul, heart and mind continuously collide. If there is a way for people to grieve openly and in a community without a social stigma, it will diminish feelings of loss of spirit, loss of soul’s purpose, and connect people in communities creating a foundation for the community. Blame, shame and guilt come from being unable to express our grief properly. Our blame, shame and guilt are directly related to our happiness, peace and love for ourselves and one another.

I believe the future of our world depends greatly on the manner in which we handle grief. Positive expressions of our grief are healing. However, lack of expression of our grief or its improper release is the root of general unhappiness and depression that people feel, all of which lead to war, crimes and suffering. Imagine the possibility of turning places where there have been great and repetitious crimes into grief shrines where people can go to mourn. Imagine Memorial Day as a day to allow us to deal with our daily frictions, losses and grief as a community.

Each of us has the basic right to genuine love, happiness and freedom. No one asks for mental illness, and the cost can be great. However, when pain is shared, it is halved and joy is doubled.