Letter: Don’t take away constitutional rights

From: Gregg Macklin


Mr. Scarbourgh’s letters have been entertaining in their lack of logic and the hate being spewed on a subject of an object he has worked hard not to grasp.

In his mad dash to deny at least 300 million law-abiding citizens their civil rights, he assumes simple signs will turn criminals into good citizens. What the signs do is proclaim to anyone with a fourth-grade reading level, these places are victim-rich targets. And in advocating such “gun-free” zones in otherwise legal places to carry, Mr. Scarbrough is in violation of Indiana law, the Indiana Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

The NRA is a pro-civil right group because of people such as Mr. Scarbrough.

Why, Mr. Scarbrough, do you paint law-abiding citizens as criminals, waiting for a chance to shoot up a movie theater or school? Are all homeowners with fire insurance arsonists, blowing up entire neighborhoods for the insurance money?

Why Mr. Scarbrough, should a law-abiding citizen be required to beg the local government for the right to exercise a constitutional right that is specifically enumerated in our Constitution? What about the civil right to self-protection is abhorrent to you? Why must anyone need to prove a need to a civil right?

Oh, that is why we have a police force, right? Well, let me use an example you are fond of, Sandy Hook Elementary School. From the first 911 call to the arrival of the police was 20 minutes, and the shooter was dead. One armed teacher could have stopped it all. Instead, they died attempting to wait for the police. When seconds are life-and-death, the cops are many minutes away.

Our Founding Fathers were clear in the intent of the Second Amendment, and publicly stated their intent numerous times, “That every man be armed.” What about this statement is not clear to Mr. Scarbrough?

My arms are insurance against a violent crime being committed against my family, and me and in a public place, against those around me. I pray to God I never have to use my insurance. And something tells me, if you are the one being protected, you will not complain about it.

My rights trump your paranoid phobias.

Mr. Knifley was 100 percent correct in his response. His facts and logic are irrefutable. Make fun of the facts presented all you want, Mr. Scarbrough, but they are there, clear, solid and unalienable.

Oh, and if you respond to me, my name is Gregg, not Gary.