Around Town – March 25

Orchids to …

• CARE Inc. and Hope For Ferals for help with low-cost neutering.

• Jim Lienhoop for giving city employes hope for a better tomorrow.

• Snyder Environmental for being so kind and trying to find out what our plumbing problem was, from Richard and Geneva Clark.

• Janice at the ARC at IUPUC for all your support, from Molly.

• Fred and the great team at Chevrolet of Columbus for excellent service at a reasonable price, from Richard and Geneva Clark.

• the great food and service at KFC of Edinburgh.

• Dawson Combest and Corbin Pollitt for being such great companions to Jackie Combest on the New Orleans trip.

• Rob at Lowe’s for filling our pail with water when our radiator stranded us in the parking lot early Sunday morning.

Onions to …

• the in-store mini clinic for prescribing the wrong medication.

• people on foot or bicycles who find it necessary to cut through private property.

• the downtown area restaurant for firing the only bartender who had a personality and made it fun to go there.

• the employee who wants to blame others for not getting the promotion.

• the city of Columbus for still not cleaning up the accident debris at Poshard Drive and Central Avenue.

• the nonprofit organization that promoted a person to a leadership position who is prejudiced against women.

• the downtown business that was rude to the out-of-town family Saturday that didn’t know a reservation had to be made.

• people who park on other people’s property without permission.

• those responsible for giving us 20 months of political yard signs.

• the person who inappropriately put campaign signs on the Fraternal Order of Police property.

• high schools that do not use a weighted GPA.

• the candidate who placed campaign signs in front of a local business and has refused to remove them when asked by the property owner.

• whomever is responsible for placing the wrong speed limit sign on the sheriff’s radar trailer.

• the candidate for disregarding the sign ordinance.

Happy Birthday to …

• Rejina Moore, from friends.

• Debbie Maxie, from Sherry and Debbie.

• Kelly Kellams, from Sherry and Debbie.

• Allen Hughbanks, from Breezer.

• Steve, from Brooklyn, Andrew, Kenny and Haley.

• Lorraine Gates, from Brenda Cooper.

• Paul Moffitt, from Billie, Nikki, Darlene, Ron and Donna.

• Kelly Kellems, from your family and Donna.

• Belated Anniversary wishes to…

• the best parents Jamie and Tammy Thixton, from your children Carrie, Dylan and Kendra.