Meet the pieces

‘Flamenco’ by Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Year: 2010

Location: Southwest corner of Fourth and Washington streets, near Puccini’s

Description: Made of red-painted steel, this large piece is impossible to miss. Chicago-based sculptor artist Ruth Aizuss Migdal typically works in even larger forms; though “Flamenco” stands at 12 feet, most of her works top off at 21 feet tall. Of “Flamenco,” Migdal said, “It’s very uplifting. And it’s full of energy.”

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‘Nexus’ by Sam Spiczka

Year: 2005

Location: Southwest corner of 11th and Jackson streets

Description: Made of fabricated Corten steel, stainless steel and wood, this sculpture’s bone-like features give the piece a macabre tone. “With ‘Nexus’ I tried to combine two forms that you think would not be compatible,” Spiczka said. The sculpture’s shapes include a vertebra-like top, joined with a dodecahedron near the base.

‘It’s All about Electricity’ by Richard Herzog

Year: 2013

Location: West side of the Bartholomew County Courthouse lawn

Description: The 15-foot sculpture is open to interpretation, Florida-based artist Richard Herzog said. “I kind of built it as I went,” he said. “I took a natural form of how a tree would move.”

‘Oscill8’ by Nicole Beck

Year: 2013

Location: Heritage Fund Courtyard

Description: Pass by the Heritage Fund and this funky, multicolored sculpture will likely catch your eye. “Oscillate refers to an infinite eave of light oscillating between spectrums in equilibrium,” Chicago-based artist Nicole Beck said of her piece. The form is made of circles, and includes many welding points. “Welding that thing was one hell of an experience,” Beck said.

‘Decathexis’ by Anthony Heinz May

Year: 2014

Location: City Hall lawn

Description: Created from a recycled tree, “Decathexis” is a pixelated representation of a living tree. Think of trees used in the backgrounds of your favorite ’90s video games. New York City-based May said the pixelated tree serves as a pessimistic reminder of what humans have done to nature. “The landscape itself has become almost like a game or a checkerboard,” he said.

‘Emergence II’ by Eric W. Stephenson

Year: 2006

Location: West side of Bartholomew County Courthouse lawn, near “It’s All about Electricity”

Description: Made of painted welded steel, this form’s steel wires reach into the sky.

‘Counterpoint’ by Dale Enochs

Year: 2014

Location: Robert Garton Plaza, yet to be installed.

Description: Bloomington-based Dale Enochs’ piece is made of carved Indiana limestone, powder-coated steel and stainless steel hardware. It is expected be installed in late April or early May.

‘Acquisitions and Accusations: The King’ by Matthew Davey

Year: 2014

Location: North Lawn of The Republic, yet to be installed.

Description: The most figural piece in the entire Biennial collection, this bronze, wood and stone piece features a short pants-clad man walking on stilts. Indianapolis-based Matthew Davey plans to install the 1,675-pound piece in Columbus in mid-May.