Around Town – April 28

Editor’s note: The deadline for submitting election and candidate-related orchids and onions was 5 p.m. April 24.

Orchids to …

• Judy Secrest for 33 years of beautiful costumes for the Lincoln Center Skate Club Ice Show.

• Coach Miller and the Columbus East JV baseball team on a great start to a wonderful baseball season; you are a fun team to watch, from a fan.

• Matt at Raft to Rafters for a nice Customer Appreciation Day and for your support in hosting a fundraiser for a great organization, and to Micah for organizing the fundraising event.

• Lee, the great pharmacist at Marsh, who a couple of minutes after closing helped me to get my dogs’ pills anyway.

• the person who found my wallet Saturday afternoon in Menards, thank you so much.

• Columbus Regional Health telephone operators for great customer service.

• Monica Sederle for bringing our wandering dog home, from the Shehan family.

• the Lincoln Center Skate Club skaters, parents and coaches on an awesome ice show this weekend.

• Cintas for outstanding service on Friday afternoon.

• Nathan for the mushrooms, from the Smiths.

• Maestro David Bowden, the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus and guest vocalist Mary Claire King for another outstanding concert Saturday evening, from a fan at Four Seasons Retirement Center.

• the nice lady who gave us tickets to the ice show Sunday, from a grateful mom and daughter.

• Marr Road rehabilitation center for honoring us with a luncheon and gift cards, we love volunteering for you, from your volunteers.

• Camilla Gehring and the Philharmonic Chorus for their powerful, stellar performance of the Easter Hymn from Cavalleria rusticana by Mascagni.

• Hope Star Journal online for a wonderful online newspaper.

• St. Peter’s Celebration Choir, Pastor Mark’s uplifting message and the always great music led by Lisa.

• all the skaters, coaches, parents and helpers that made this year’s ice show a hit.

Onions to …

• the city for doing the minimum job required to avoid power lines when tree trimming and leaving our pear tree looking unsightly, causing us to fix the job.

• our neighbor who damaged our fence last year and still have not replaced it.

• the newlyweds with the little black dogs who leave them outside to bark for over 45 minutes at 5 a.m.

• the rude manager of the restaurant who would not accommodate our large party from out of state.

• people who drink and drive and have no license.

• the negligent pet owner who allowed their dog to be in the road to be hit, killed and die alone.

• those who think morale is a personal choice.

• the newspaper carrier that cannot manage to get the paper in the yard or on the front porch.

• feminist women who hate men.

• the people responsible for making Columbus a great place to visit but not a great place to live.

• the television host that only explored downtown Columbus and didn’t see the rest of Columbus.

• the nursery that never answers its business phone.

• the store that uses charities to boost sales.

• the manager who continues to show favoritism by continuing to allow a worker to ask other workers to work in their place.

• the company that charged me $300 and thinks an apology is good enough.

• parents who continually try to take advantage of volunteer leaders.

• the beautician with poor business habits like gossiping and talking behind a customer’s back; if you want to keep your customers, keep your opinions to yourself.

• those who plant Onions each day as I make amazing onion rings from your constructive criticisms; and you’ve helped me re-recognize the importance of pulling the positive from each negative in this world.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jeff Brown.

• Helen Pheral, from Bethal Baptist Church.

• Annette Kimberlain, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Tristan Wilkins, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Stormy Butler, from Mom, Dad, Donnie, Chuck, Haylen, Memphis, Paul and Janet.

• Clara Claycamp, from Mary and Elsie.

• Julie Line, from Shag Brown.